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Zadra is a hybrid roller coaster from the hyper coaster category with a classic chain lift. It was produced by the American company Rocky Mountain Construction in cooperation with the Dutch company Vekoma and put into service in Energylandia on August 22, 2019. Thus, on the opening day, Zadra was the fastest and steepest hybrid roller coaster in the world!


The new record was broken only slightly (speed 122.3 km/h and a drop of 91 degrees), which makes Zadra still the world’s top attraction. In the official Captain Coaster ranking, it takes 3rd place in the world!

Technical parameters of Zadra

Attraction nameZadra
ProducerRocky Mountain Construction
TypeHybrid hyper coaster
ModelI-Box Track
opening dateAugust 22, 2019
SecurityLap bar (for thighs)
Height62.8 m
Speed121 km / h
Length1,316 m
Maximum angle of decline90 degrees
Maximum overload4 g
Number of inversions3
Types of inversionZero-g-stall, Step-up Under Flip, Zero-g-roll
Number of trains2
number of seats12 x 2 people in a row
Capacity1050 people per hour
Minimum height required140 cm
Total travel time1 min 50 seconds
Travel time from peak to halt51 seconds
Pictures of attractionsYes, after a major drop, one camera on the right
Fast PassYes
Distance from the gates of Energylandia950 meters

Zadra ride description

After leaving the station, the queue makes a sharp right turn with a simultaneous slight descent and starts a 30-second ascent to the main hill, 62.8 meters high. At the beginning of the climb, it jerks slightly, but it is completely natural and you shouldn’t worry about it. Upon reaching the summit, the Zadra descends completely vertically downwards at an angle of 90 degrees. I must point out right away that this decrease is definitely shorter than on Hyperion and it is not felt so intensely.

A completely vertical slope in Zadra
A completely vertical slope in Zadra

After the descent, photos are taken with the camera mounted on the right side. The cable car overcomes long and low slopes with a slight turn to the right at the same time. Then it turns 180 degrees to the left at the same time as going downhill in the form of a slalom. During this sequence, we experience negative overloads, and therefore lifts us from our seats.


Inversions in Zadra

After a slight turn to the right, the train goes through the first and longest Zero-g-stall inversion, where we experience a state of weightlessness. After inversion, the cable car heads towards a long left turn of 270 degrees, where it leans heavily outward (right) halfway. This effect generates considerable negative overloads.

The longest inversion in Zadra
The longest inversion in Zadra

Then Zadra turns right 90 degrees, runs through a very tight so-called keyhole (many people bow their heads at this point). After another ascent with strong negative overloads, the Zadra train overcomes the second inversion, which is also a climb up the hill and a 270-degree turn to the left. This is followed by a right descent with a 180-degree turn inside a dense structure of wooden supports.

Inversion in Zadra
Inversion in Zadra

At the end, the train covers the rest of the descent in two sequences (double down), a low ascent resembling the letter S, and the last Zero-g-roll inversion. Then it turns left by 90 degrees and is braked very sharply, so that the security locks strongly dig into the abdomen. In a bend to the right, Zadra returns to the station.

Zadra braking section
Braking section in Zadra

My personal experience during the ride on Zadra

Zadra ranks first in the TOP 10 best attractions in Energylandia. Although it is inferior to Hyperion in terms of parameters, it is definitely more intense. It is happening so much and so quickly that we simply don’t have time to catch our breath and analyze the sensations. Descent, ascent, inversion, sharp turn, inversion, decline, proximity to the supports, again inversion, again the effect of falling out of the chair – all this makes this minute of fun full of emotions, and modest security only intensifies the effect.

Zadra at night
Zadra at night

I highly recommend testing Zadra in both the first and the last car. In the first carriage, we receive goggles that protect our eyes from wind and insects, and we can enjoy an undisturbed view. In turn, in the last one, the sensations seem to be stronger, which I also recommend to personally check on my own example.

How long is Zadra waiting for?

Zadra is an attraction that enjoys great interest. In high season, they like to queue up on it for up to 60 minutes of waiting. However, in low season there should be no major queues. We should go up after 10 minutes maximum, and even more than once I managed to climb Zadra from the march.

Entrance gates to Zadra
Entrance gates to Zadra

If you are going to Energylandia during the holidays and you want to complete Zadra, go to it right after opening. You are guaranteed that there will be no queue, or it will be relatively small.

Entrance to Zadra
Entrance to Zadra

The entrance to Zadra is on the right, almost at the very end of the Smoczy Gród zone. After crossing the gate leading to Zadra, about 400 – 500 meters of road and a lot of stairs await us. This is the longest access to attractions in Energylandia. With fewer people, all shortcuts are open and after about 400 meters we will reach the Zadry station. With heavy traffic, all the “labyrinths” are open, which extend the access to about 500 meters.

Access to Zadra
Access to Zadra

If you want to complete Zadra twice in a row, and the shortcut next to the deposit lockers is closed, then you will have a long walk. First you will drive about 400-500 meters for the first run, then another 800 meters from the exit to the re-entry. In the worst case, to ride Zadra twice you will have to walk 1300 meters.

Path leading to Zadra