When is the opening of Sweet Valley in Energylandia?

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Sweet Valley is the 7th zone of the Energylandia amusement park in Zator. The new zone is dedicated to the youngest guests, as evidenced by the candy decor and attractions that the youngest will be able to take advantage of. The flagship attraction of Sweet Valley will be the Choco Chip Creek rollercoaster. Importantly, the opening of the Sweet Valley zone was divided into two stages. So when is the opening of Sweet Valley in Energylandia?

Main entrance to the Sweet Valley zone
Main entrance to the Sweet Valley zone

Things to do in Sweet Valley

The seventh zone of Energylandia called Sweet Valley will have 9 attractions for children. The flagship attraction will be a family roller coaster called Choco Chip Creek. It looks like a steam train, and its station is stylized as a cookie mine.

Choco Chip Creek

Choco Chip Creek will be unique in many ways compared to other roller coasters in Energylandia. The track is 1,200 meters long (almost as long as Abyssus, Zadra or Hyperion). It will reach the right speed of 55 km/h, and the highest point of the cable car is 16.5 meters high. In addition to the unique length for a family rollercoaster, Choco Chip Creek will be the first roller coaster in Energylandia, on which we will be pulled out three times during one ride using a chain drive. Thus, we will pass the descent from the top three times, each time different.

Choco Chip Creek
Choco Chip Creek

Sweet Valley will be complemented by eight other attractions, including a second roller coaster in the zone. It will be Honey Harbor with a length of 254 meters, a height of 11.7 meters and a speed of 46 km / h. There will also be numerous carousels at your disposal. One of them will be a twisted carousel with Twis’Tea cups, a Bon Bon Balloon, Candy Critters and a classic Venetian carousel called Candy Carousel. There will also be a scenic ride on Mini Track’Tour Ride tractors and a water runoff for children called Bumble Boats. The whole thing will be complemented by the Crazy Barn attraction, which will resemble a country barn set on a rotating platform.

Sweet Valley (as of October 24, 2022)

In the second stage, guests will have at their disposal a large, multifunctional restaurant and viewing building. It will allow you to organize dinners during artistic shows, so popular in other European amusement parks. This building is called Sweet Valley Town Hall Theater and it is designed to accommodate 1,000 people at a time. Thus, it will be the largest facility of this type in Energylandia.

Sweet Valley in Energylandia (as of October 24, 2022)
Sweet Valley in Energylandia (as of October 30, 2022)

Sweet Valley progress (November 2022)

Currently, you can see that virtually all facilities and attractions are ready. The last finishing works are visible here and there. It is also possible that some devices are still waiting for tests and acceptance. Exactly on October 24, there were quite a few test runs of the flagship roller coaster Choco Chip Creek.

Mini Track'Tour Ride
Mini Track’Tour Ride (as of August 2022)

The track and Choco Chip Creek building appear to be ready, but the stage design is still underway. Already in summer, work on the theme of the cable car track (construction of tunnels) began. While in September it was evident that the works on two tunnels are still in progress, they are ready at the end of October. The tunnels from the Dragon City are so far only structures and work on them is not continued.

Work in progress at Choco Chip Creek (as of September 17, 2022)
Topic at Choco Chip Creek (as of October 24, 2022) partially completed

Candy Carousel, Bon Bon Ballon, Mini Track’Tour Ride and Bumble Boats also seem ready.

Bon Bon Ballon in Sweet Valley
Bon Bon Ballon in Sweet Valley

On the other hand, the Honey Harbor roller coaster is still being finished.

Honey Harbor
Works on the theme of Honey Harbor (as of September 17, 2022)
Honey Harbor
Honey Harbor looks ready (as of October 16, 2022)
Honey Harbor Theme (as of October 30, 2022)

When is the opening of Sweet Valley in Energylandia?

Still, Energylandia has not announced the official release date of the new Sweet Valley zone. However, assurances were made that in 2022 all attractions would be given to the guests (stage one). What’s more, on social media you can find information that the premiere day will be a surprise. Usually, novelties were put into use on the park’s birthday, but this did not happen this year. In addition, at the end of October 2022, it was visible that most of the attractions had been wrapped in foil, as if the devices were secured for the winter.

Welcome to Sweet Valley
One of the entrances to the Sweet Valley zone

It turns out, however, that Sweet Valley will not be commissioned until 2023. During the last Energylandia Press 2022 conference, when asked about the opening of Sweet Valley, there were words that “next summer we will be able to have fun in Sweet Valley“.

Thus, the promises and hopes for the opening of the seventh zone during the 2022 season have not come true. We do not expect the end of the second stage of works at the Sweet Valley (i.e. the opening will be moved to 2024.

Sweet Valley under construction (June 2022)
Sweet Valley under construction (as of June 2022)