What to take with you to Energylandia?

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Many friends asked me if they could enter the Energylandia amusement park with their own drink and food, and if not, whether during the day it was possible to leave the park and have lunch at nearby restaurants. In both cases, however, the answer is yes, you can take food and drinks with you, and if necessary, you can also leave the park in Zator to the car or store. Since we can enter the park with our belongings, what should we take to Energylandia?

main entrance to energylandia
Main entrance to Energylandia

Own food and drink in Energylandia

In the Energylandia Park you will find dozens of eateries and several restaurants. We eat typical home-made dishes, fast food, oriental dishes, sandwiches, donuts, dumplings and many other meals. The prices of meals are relatively high and eating a dinner by a family of four will cost around 150-200 PLN with drinks. If you plan to save a bit on a trip to the amusement park, it is worth preparing at home what we like to eat. Sandwiches, rolls, toasts, fruit, salty and sweet snacks should be packed properly and easily carried in a backpack to the Energylandia area.

On hot days, be sure to keep hydrated and bring with you chilled water and other drinks or juices that we like. If necessary, when we run out of our drinks, of course, we will be able to easily buy them in Energylandia. Don’t forget about a hat and a cream with a UV filter.

Formula Restaurant
Formula Restaurant

If you plan to take your own water on a hot day, so that it will last for the whole day, I strongly recommend that you freeze one large bottle beforehand and cool the other one well . The chilled one will serve us at the beginning, and when we drink it, the first one will be thawed, but still pleasantly cold. Otherwise, the water will be warm in the second half of the day.

I’ll sell you another protip. In Energylandia you can heat up, for example, toasts or another meal (popular boxes). For this purpose, it is enough to use the microwave in the room for parents and children. You will find one in Bajkolandia next to the WRC Auto Zderzaki and Leoś attractions, and the other on the right after entering the Dragon Town zone. Please remember that this is a place for parents with babies. Therefore, make sure that the microwave oven is clean and, if necessary, leave the place if people with babies want to use it.

Dragon Castle
Smoczy Gród zone

Own alcohol in Energylandia?

The Energylandia regulations clearly state that we cannot bring our own alcohol into the park or consume it. Unfortunately, many people do not follow this rule, because nobody controls our backpacks or handbags. Of course, in most food outlets we can buy beer for PLN 13, and in some outlets even high-percentage alcohol.

Green Cafe in Smoczy Gród
Green Cafe in Smoczy Gród

Can I enter Energylandia with cigarettes?

Yes. Not only that, Energylandia cares to some extent about smokers. There are dozens of smoking zones in the park . Most litter bins have ashtrays, and many stores have Heetsy, lighters, and several types of cigarettes. However, please remember that smoking is prohibited in generally accessible areas, which is also recalled by the announcements played over the loudspeakers. Let us respect each other and do not smoke in front of non-smokers who are eating, or in the queue for an attraction. Let’s go to the smoking area. If there is no such thing nearby, let’s stand somewhere on the side, near the bin with an ashtray.

The smoking zone in Energylandia
The smoking zone in Energylandia

What else to take to Energylandia?

What else to take to Energylandia? We cannot forget about cash or a payment card. Let’s also take handkerchiefs with us (you can buy them in some shops in Energylandia). It doesn’t hurt to take wet wipes and painkillers (if we are prone to migraines).

If you are going with a small child, remember about food, water and milk. Also, do not forget all the other utensils you need for your baby.

On the other hand, if we use the water zone, we will need a bathing suit, flip-flops and a towel . At the water park, you can buy an outfit in shops, if you forget yours.

Changing rooms in the Water Park
Changing rooms in the Water Park

When planning the purchase of promotional and disabled tickets, be sure to take the original document confirming your child’s age or pregnancy or disability with you. Copies and photos of such documents are not accepted. You can read more about it in the post How much do tickets to Energylandia cost?

Where to hide personal belongings, food and drink in Energylandia?

In Energylandia there are dozens of large deposit lockers, to which we can (and at some attractions we have to) put away larger personal items. These cabinets resemble the famous parcel lockers, and their operation is really simple. The band entitling us to use all lockers in the park costs only PLN 12. After purchasing it, we can use one cabinet at a time. Where to find the lockers, how big they are, how to use them and how to buy the armband, you can read in the entry How to buy the armband for lockers in Energylandia?

Lockers in the Water Zone
Lockers in the Water Zone