What months is the Water Park in Energylandia open?

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Water Park Energylandia

The amusement park in Zator in 2022 is open from the beginning of April until January 2023. In the early spring and winter periods, it’s not possible to have fun in Energylandia every day, because there are days when the park itself is closed. On the other hand, the opening of the water zone in Energylandia, as well as its closure, is not the same as the opening days of the park. Detailed information on when Energylandia is open can be found in the entry: In which months are the best months to visit Energylandia?

Water Park Energylandia

The situation is slightly different with the water zone, in which we will find as many as four dedicated zones with slides, swimming pools and water playgrounds. On the Energylandia website you can read that the water park is open on days with favorable weather conditions and air temperature exceeding 20°C.

When to open the water zone in Energylandia?

In 2022, the Big Milk Water Park zone was opened on April 30 .

In turn, Tropical Fun and Exotic Islands were opened a month later, on May 28, 2022 .

In the case of Bamboo Bay, we do not have specific information for next year, because in July 2022 this zone had its premiere. However, it can be assumed that in 2023 it will open on the same day as Tropical Fun and Exotic Islands.

Also keep in mind that in previous years the Water Park in Energylandia was opened on different days. It can be no different next year.

When will the water zone in Energylandia be closed?

All pool areas, i.e. Big Milk Water Park, Exotic Islands and Tropical Fun, will be open until September 11, 2022 . On September 25, the entire water park will be completely closed , i.e. probably Bamboo Bay and places with sun loungers.