What days are the best days to go to Energylandia?

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brama główna w energylandii

What days are the best days to go to Energylandia?

If we take into account that it must be a day when we have a day off, when our child is not leaving school, when we are after pay, the weather will be nice and there will be no queues , then finding such one perfect day is usually impossible. Then what days are the best days to go to Energylandia?

I will try to introduce you to the days in each month of Energylandia’s opening, in which you can expect the smallest queues, or even the opportunity to take advantage of the attractions of the march.

April in Energylandia

If you are not afraid of short, cool and sometimes rainy days, April is the perfect month not to waste time queuing to attractions. Virtually every day of Energyland’s opening in April, you can take advantage of every attraction, even Hyperion and Zadra. No queues, no waiting. The attractions are often half-empty, and it is not difficult to get the ride yourself. Energuś and Frida make two runs without stopping, and the Space Booster is started at much more revolutions.

April is the perfect month for a trip to Energylandia. It is enough to choose a relatively warm day, dress appropriately and you can have fun without any restrictions.

May in Energylandia

A trip to Energylandia in May is still a very good idea. The only days in May when the park may experience heavy traffic is the May weekend. If the picnic is warm and rainless, there will surely be a lot of guests in Energylandia during it. Anyway, until the third week of May, the number of people in Energylandia is only slightly higher than in April.

There are no queues to the attractions, and if there are any, the waiting time is a maximum of 5 minutes. The advantages of May are certainly longer days and higher temperatures.

The situation may change in the second half of the month, especially in the last week. During the week, you can expect a large number of school trips, where participants will be besieging the best attractions. Immediately after the opening, I have seen a first-come race on Hyperion, Dragon or Formula. In addition, such large groups of kids often create confusion, more noise and like to jostle in queues. If there are queues, it will not be longer than 10-20 minutes of waiting.

At the end of May, it’s best to aim on Saturday or Sunday. These are definitely better days to visit the park than the middle of the week.

Dragon Castle
Energylandia at the end of May

June in Energylandia

June is the last moment to have fun in Energylandia without waiting for an hour to visit each attraction. The first two weeks are similar to the end of May: school trips during the week, families with children on weekends, queues for a maximum of 10-20 minutes of waiting.

The situation changes dramatically in the second half of June, and even more so after the end of the school year. Almost every day of the week there are queues in the park, not yet to all attractions, but certainly to the best, biggest and most interesting. In Energylandia, however, you will find dozens of smaller and less popular attractions, which, even at the end of June, should be accessible on foot or after a few minutes of waiting.

However, you have to be aware that you will not be able to do without queues, sometimes shorter and longer. If I had to choose a specific day at the end of June, on which I would go to Energylandia, it would definitely be the end of the school year or Sunday.

Energylandia in June
Energylandia in June

July and August in Energylandia

The holiday months are the period of the highest attendance of guests in Energylandia. From the very morning there are huge queues, first to the gates, then to the attractions. The lines are getting bigger and deeper with every minute. The later and the farther the park, the bigger the queues.

It doesn’t make much difference if we go to Energylandia on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. There will be so many people there every day that queues are sure. From 40 minutes for less popular attractions, to even 60-90 minutes for the best ones, and I have also seen cases of 120-minute queues.

In that case, what days on vacation is best to go to Energylandia?

There is one particular day during the holidays when you can be sure that there will be fewer people in the park.

Rainy day in Energylandia

If you absolutely want to avoid the biggest siege, just check the weather forecast and choose the ugliest day of the week , with rainy and coldest days. Such weather obviously scares people away, which is perfectly understandable. Water droplets on the face during the Hyperion ride feel like pins driven deep into the skin, and opening the eyes may damage your eyesight. However, if we devote some time to choosing the day when it is to rain, but not all day, we have a chance to really hit the relatively small queues to attractions.

It is a bad idea to go to Energylandia the day before or the day after it rains. Then you can expect even greater attendance of visitors in the park.

September in Energylandia

In September, it’s best to go to Energylandia during the week. Then most of the children are in school and the number of people in the park will be smaller. The warmer September, the more people there are in the park. Contrary to appearances, long lines in which we can get stuck for dozens of minutes also like to form in Energylandia in September.

Nevertheless, with each subsequent day of September, when the days are shorter and the weather is mixed, the number of visitors to the Energylandia park will decrease, and thus the waiting time for attractions will be shorter.

October in Energylandia

In October, the same rules apply as in September, except that the closer to Halloween, the more people, especially on weekends. All thanks to the phenomenal fear houses, of which several are launched in the park.

On the other hand, the largest queues form just to the mentioned houses and you can spend up to 2 hours in them. Fortunately, the attractions are not so crowded anymore and the waiting time should not exceed 15-30 minutes.

October in Smoczy Gród
October in Smoczy Gród

November, December and January in Energylandia

The winter months are a bit like April. It doesn’t matter what day we choose. We can be sure that the attractions will be empty, there are no queues, and there will be no crowds in the park. Sometimes you get the impression that you are alone in Energylandia, which I must admit is a strange feeling 🙂

Please remember that the water attractions are closed in winter.

What are the best months to visit Energylandia?

In another post I touched on the topic In which months is it best to go to Energylandia? and while in this case the simplest answer is to avoid the vacation months, it is not so easy to choose a specific day.

When is Energylandia open?

Energylandia Park was opened and closed on different days and months in previous years. In the current season of 2022, Energylandia is open from April 2 to January 8, 2023.

However, it must be remembered that not every day from April 2 to January 8, we can go to Energylandia. In spring, the park is open only at the weekend and only opens every day from mid-April.

So you can visit Energylandia every day from mid-April to 30 October. After this time, we again have considerable periods when the park remains closed. In November 2022, Energylandia will be open only on two days: November 26 and 27.

In turn, in December 2022, we can go to the Energylandia park on almost all days except: December 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 and December 24, 25 and 31.

January 2023 is the month when we still have four more opportunities to have fun in Energylandia. And these days are January 5, 6, 7 and 8. After this day, the park will remain closed until the next season. The 2023 season in Energylandia will start on April 1, 2023 (Saturday).

The current Energylandia amusement park opening calendar can be checked here: https://energylandia.pl/en/plan-your-stay/calendar/

View of Energylandia in June
Wonder Wheel, Zadra and Mayan