TOP 10 best attractions in Energylandia

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Energylandia is undoubtedly the leader among amusement parks in Poland, as well as one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. There are already 123 attractions on its premises, and soon they will be joined by 9 attractions in the new themed Sweet Valley zone. Many people going to the largest Polish amusement park for the first time ask themselves: what attractions are the best and noteworthy for adrenaline-hungry people? In this post, therefore, I present the TOP 10 best attractions in Energylandia, following my feelings, and not only the parameters of the attractions. We start with the last place in our TOP 10 ranking of attractions in the Energylandia Park.

Energylandia as seen from the Wonder Wheel
Energylandia as seen from the Wonder Wheel

10 – Wonder Wheel – beautiful views and relaxation

Wonder Wheel in Energylandia is the highest scenic attraction, as well as the largest mill wheel in Poland. Wonder Whell premiered in 2022. From the height of 53 meters, we are able to calmly admire the panorama of the entire park. The best views are Dragon City, Aqualantis, Sweet Valley, as well as attractions such as Anaconda or Mayan. In 6-seater and air-conditioned, fully lockable gondolas, we cover 2 full circles around the circle, being able to rest, relax and admire the views. I recommend it especially as a rest after extreme attractions, and also to rest for a while from running in the park.

Wonder Wheel

9 – RMF Dragon – a warm-up roller coaster for whole families

RMF Dragon is classified as a family roller coaster, but unlike Energuś, Frida or Boomerag, it significantly increases the level of adrenaline and gives a lot of fun from the ride. On a 453-meter track, we rush at a speed of 76 km / h, and we also descend from a 20-meter drop. During the ride, we will also experience quite appropriate overloads of 3.5 g. The Dragon roller coaster can be used by children from 120 cm tall with a guardian, and from 130 cm on their own. It is worth adding that Dragon is the first inverted roller coaster in Poland . This means that the track of the funicular is above us. Our legs hang completely freely, which enhances the sensation.

RMF Dragon

8 – Moya Formula – inconspicuous ride with huge acceleration

Moya Formula is the weakest attraction from the extreme zone. Contrary to appearances, the sensations on it are really intense, especially speed and numerous inversions. The formula is a roller coaster accelerated by an electromagnetic ejection, during which we reach a speed of 80 km/h. While driving on a 530-meter track, we overcome 3 intense inversions (one loop and two corkscrews). In addition, we can count on overloads of 3.8 g, and the maximum speed is achieved in just 2 seconds!

Moya Formula

It is worth leaning your head against the headrest during take-off, and then hold firmly on all negative overloads, because it will distract you from the seat . Nevertheless, it is a great proposition even for children over 120 cm tall, as well as adults looking for intense sensations.

Moya Formula

7 – Aztec Swing – a huge swing for the brave

Aztec Swing arouses fear among many Energylandia visitors and it is no wonder. This huge pendulum, 27 meters in diameter, swings left and right, and also rotates around its axis. Thanks to this, you sometimes admire the area from the side, sometimes you look at the sky, and sometimes you fly face-to-face. With all this, the overload reaches 4.5 g, and this gives the feeling of many times more weight of our body. If, for example, you weigh 70 kg, then with Aztec Swing you can feel as if you weigh over 330 kg!

Aztec Swing

Aztec Swing can take up to 32 people on board at a time, sitting on the circumference of the circle. Then a gradual swing begins, up to very high. This activity is not recommended for people with motion sickness or after eating a heavy meal. Nevertheless, it is a really great and extreme attraction, other than roller coasters, and I strongly encourage everyone who is at least 140 cm tall to take advantage of it.

Aztec Swing

6 – Speed ​​- the best attraction to cool down

Few know that Speed ​​in Energylandia is the tallest and fastest water roller coaster in the world! Its highest point, to which we are reached by a lift, is as much as 50 meters, and the speed at the first fall is about 100 km/h. In 10-seater boats we cross the water once, once the 687 meter long roller coaster track, and at the same time we are intensely splashed.

speed water coaster energylandia

Speed ​​itself is not that extreme. It has no inversion, no steep descent, or strong overloads. Apart from height and speed, its greatest advantage is the strong water effects, perhaps the strongest in the whole of Energylandia. Thanks to this, on a hot day, we can also have a nice feeling on a roller coaster, and at the same time be pleasantly chilled. Speed ​​can be used by people over 140 cm tall.


5 – Mayan – the most inversions

Rollercoaster Mayan ranks among the top five best attractions in Energylandia. Mayan is the second inverted roller coaster in Energylandia, running on a 689 meter long track. The first drop is 33 meters high and the maximum speed is as high as 80 km/h. What distinguishes Mayan from other attractions are strong overloads of up to 5 g and 5 inversions – the most from all roller coaster in Poland! During a relatively short journey, we experience very intense sensations, numerous turns, upside down driving, long corkscrews and the proximity of structural elements.


All these effects increase the adrenaline and sensations. The downside of the Mayan cable car is its uncomfortable track, it is not smooth and it shakes relatively strongly. The further we sit down, the more vibrations are felt. After all, there is nothing to be afraid of and it is a must-see for people over 140 cm tall.


4 – Space Booster – the power of this attraction only for the brave

Few daredevils decide to go with the Space Booster right away. It causes even more fear than the Aztec Swing, and I have to admit that the sensations on it are amazing! The Space Booster is a 40-meter arm with 4-person gondolas at both ends. It reaches speeds of up to 100 km/h, during which overloads reach 4 g.

From left to right: Space Gun, Speed, Space Booster
From left to right: Space Gun, Speed, Space Booster

Without a doubt, it is one of the best adrenaline squeezers! The centrifugal force, positive and negative overloads, hanging upside down as well as sitting at the very top and waiting for a change of passengers at the bottom increase your heart rate! A must for all people from 140 cm tall, hungry for adrenaline at the highest level.

Space Booster

3 – Abyssus – pleasant, long and fast

We are entering TOP3 of the best attractions in Energylandia. Undoubtedly, three of the best rollercoasters in Energylandia, such as Abyssus, Hyperion and Zadra, cannot be missed here. My personal third place in this ranking is the Abyssus double launch coaster in the Aqualantis zone. This rollercoaster, recognized in world rankings, reaches a speed of 100 km/h. The ride takes place on a track with a length of as much as 1,316 meters, during which we are fired twice from the electromagnetic drive. We include a drop from 40 meters, overloads of 4.5 g and we overcome 4 intense inversions.

Abyssus fall

Abyssus is characterized by a very pleasant and gentle path, 3 loop-shaped inversions and one corkscrew, and on top of that, there are many negative overloads during which it takes us away from the seat. Personally, I find Abyssus to be both extreme and gentle. The intensity of the experience is balanced, it will not shake us off too much, nor will we get bored. In addition, children from 120 cm tall with a guardian can use the cable car.

Abyssus and two inversions

2 – Hyperion – the tallest and the fastest in Energylandia

Hyperion is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Poland, the second tallest and fastest in Europe, and the tenth fastest and eighth tallest in the world ! These numbers should speak for themselves and there is nothing else to add. It is a must for every daredevil and hungry for powerful sensations! With a fall from 82 meters to an angle of 85 degrees, we reach a speed of 142 km/h and include many intense negative overloads and one inversion.


The ride takes place on a track with a length of 1450 meters, and the overloads reach 4.8 g. Due to the modest security measures that support us only in the thighs, we experience strong, long-lasting and multiple effects of falling out of the chair. You just have to experience it for yourself!


1 – Zadra – everyone has to try this rc! There is power!

Zadra takes the deserved first place in my list of TOP 10 attractions in Energylandia.

There are legends about Zadra. Even though Zadra is not the highest and fastest roller coaster in Energylandia, it ranks higher than Hyperion in many rankings. It is no different in my personal statement. Moreover, according to world rankings, Zadra is classified as the third best roller coaster in the world! Zadra reaches a speed of 121 km/h, and the decline is 63 meters at a full 90-degree angle. The length of the track is as much as 1316 meters, during which we count 3 inversions, numerous strong effects and we experience an overload of 4 g. In addition, the experience is enhanced by the wooden and steel structure, the proximity of supports and specific noises.


It all speaks for itself. The intensity of the sensations is amazing! They are enhanced by modest security measures and the lack of support on the shoulders and head. There is no time to think, analyze and rest during the journey. There is so much going on from the fall to the braking section, so fast and so much that I recommend including Zadra as the last attraction. And it can be used by everyone over 140 cm tall.