The Houses of Fear in Energylandia

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From October 10 to October 30, 2022, Halloween Time takes place in Energylandia, and on October 22, Halloween Night takes place, when Energylandia is open until 22:00. What’s more, during Halloween Night you can buy tickets 50% cheaper if we come in a complete “Halloween” costume. The whole period of Halloween in Energylandia is a great time for all of you who like “scary” fun, ghosts, nightmares and fun in fear houses. And those in Energylandia are launched as many as 4. The first is in the Family Zone in the Monster House attraction building, and 3 houses of fear in Energylandia are opened in the Smoczy Gród zone in the so-called Dread Zone.

energylandia halloween
Entry to Energylandia during Halloween Time

When are the Houses of Fear in Energylandia open?

In October, Energylandia is open from 10:00 to 18:00. On October 22, we can play Halloween Night from 10:00 to 22:00. On days when the attendance of guests is high, usually the closing time is postponed to 7.00 p.m. and houses are open until 6.00 p.m. We can visit all the spook houses in Energylandia from 11:00 to 17:00 (last entry).

The Dread Zone in Smoczy Gród zone

This is a specially separated part of the Smoczy Gród: from the Lancelot Shop to the Green Cafe. The whole thing is covered with a wall that clearly says that this is a place for people over 16 years of age. Of course, we can enter this zone with small children, but at our own risk. And this is because in the Dread Zone we can meet phantoms and clowns with a chainsaw who like to fire it from time to time and chase girls. We will also meet here a headless ghost, ghosts with a head on a plate, a gallows and a grave. Thanks to this, it is scary and fun at the same time. After all, there is nothing to be afraid of. Animators disguised as phantoms cannot touch us or physically interact with us. They can scare us, chase us or scare us. Though I had met by chance that the girl chased by the chainsaw nightmare dropped the phone on a concrete cube. Probably it was not damaged without damage.

horror zone houses of fear eneryglandia
Entrance to the Dread Zone in Energylandia

The Dread Zone is also home to the entrances to the top 3 Fear Houses: Scary Loft, Obsessive House, and Psychoterria. All of them are available for people over 16 years of age and are entered in groups of 4.

horror zone houses of fear eneryglandia
The Dread Zone in Energylandia

Scary Loft

Scary Loft is themed on a spooky attic where various phantoms and ghosts scare you. The entrance to this haunted house is on the right side of the Dread Zone, right in front of the Green Cafe. In groups of several people, we traverse narrow and very dark corridors where animators dressed as phantoms, phantoms and other spooks scare us from time to time. The thematization is not very visible, and that’s because it is simply very dark in the haunted house. Sometimes it is difficult to find the path we should follow. It’s best to look for arrows on the walls that point in the right direction. On the way, we go up the stairs to the upper floor, and in various places there are noises and cracks behind the walls. The effect is also magnified by strobe light and sound effects.

We exit Scary Loft’s haunted house at the back next to Fuego’s attractions. The crossing time is approximately 5 minutes. Scary Loft is available from the age of 16.

scary loft haunted house energylandia
Scary Loft in Energylandia

Obsessive House

Obsessive House is a haunted house where a serial killer is rumored to be on the prowl . The entrance to this house is on the left side of the Dread Zone, right behind the Lancelot Shop. In groups of 4, we go through very dark corridors and rooms where animators are hidden, whose task is to make us fear. Right after entering, we are encouraged to read the newspaper fragment hanging on the wall. But its content is not essential. It is only encouraging us to approach the wall from which the first phantom will pop out. Moving on, we come across various bogeymen and artificial characters that are supposed to scare us. In the meantime, we have to keep an eye on the direction, because it is very dark in the house. Just like in other houses, let’s follow the arrows on the walls. At the end of the haunted house, a bogeyman will follow us for a while, but let us ignore them. It won’t hurt us.

The Obsessive House is exited through the Lancelot Shop. Walking time is approximately 5 minutes. Obsessive House is available from the age of 16.

Obsessive House in Energylandia
Obsessive House in Energylandia


Psychoterria is thematized as a psychiatric hospital and is considered to be Energylandia’s scariest house of fear. It is located on the left hand side just behind Obsessive House in the Dread Zone. In groups of 4, we go through a very dark labyrinth of corridors and several rooms. Already at the entrance, encouraged by waiting in the so-called hospital reception, we are scared by the first animator. Further wandering among narrow, dark and convoluted corridors we come to various rooms with a really nice level of dark climate. Moving on, we come to a long and red corridor, from the ceiling of which the animator will jump out at some point. This is one of the better moments of this haunted house. As in the above houses, sometimes it is a challenge to find the direction of the road and door, but in such situations, let’s just look for arrows on the walls. It may happen that we collide with a wall.

From the Psychoterria Fear House you exit from the back of the building and you have to pass the Frida roller coaster to get back. Walking time is approximately 5 minutes. Psychoterria is available from the age of 16.

psychoterria house of fear energylandia
Psychotheria in Energylandia

Monster House

Monster House is the only fear house (monsters) available all year round in Energylandia. Normally it can be used by children from the age of two. During Halloween Time, entry to the Monster House is only possible from the age of 12. It is also the weakest of the four Fear Houses. We travel the way in small carriages among thematized decorations for various types of terrible monsters. During Halloween, we can also meet actors who increase fear. In fact, we encounter three characters during our journeys. The first one, right after the start of the ride, will follow us for a few meters. The second character appears in the tunnel, and the third one, at the end, jumps out from behind the decorations. The latter can scare you the most. On top of that, it’s a bit darker than normal at Monster House on Halloween.

Monster House is located in the center of the Family Zone, close to the Space Gun. The journey time is approximately 3-4 minutes. Monster House on Halloween Time is available from the age of 12.

monster house energylandia haunted house
Monster House in Energylandia

Is it terrible in the houses of fear in Energylandia?

In my opinion, no. For an adult man who likes to watch a good horror movie from time to time, the houses of fear in Energylandia will not cause much fear. The only effect that works is the classic Jump scare, a technique so popular in horror movies where a scary character suddenly appears. Only this effect will be encountered in houses in Energylandia. Unfortunately, there are not many of them. There are only 3-4 animators in each of the houses, and the rest is the scenery, a few bangs from behind the wall, climatic sounds here and there, and the omnipresent darkness and the search for the direction of the passage.

houses of fear energylandia
Gallows in Energylandia

Personally, I miss really atmospheric music from horror movies in the Terror Zone. Since this is a place for people over 16, cheerful music does not make us feel into a dark atmosphere. Horror music could also accompany us all the time in the houses of fear. There could be more animators, and it would be even scarier if they interacted with us physically. For example, on the stairs at Scary Loft, someone would grab us by the leg, and on others, we would be nudged from behind. Sometimes I also had the impression that a bit more lighting would allow me to see the scenery better, to feel the darkness of the place.

energylandia horror zone
The Dread Zone in Energylandia

I have the impression that each of the houses is similar. It’s so dark that we don’t know if we’re in a mental hospital, a haunted house, or a terrible attic. In addition, houses close at 5pm when it is still light. If they were to be opened an hour later, so that they would remain open until the end of the park opening, the evening gloom while waiting in line would intensify the experience.

houses of fear energylandia
Bogeymen in Energyland

It would be ideal to enter each of the houses individually or in pairs. In a group of 4, we usually do not feel so much fear with strangers. In addition, after passing one house, each next house is predictable. Nevertheless, I highly recommend that you face your fears and visit the houses of fear in Energylandia.