The current map of Energylandia

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Energylandia is one of the most dynamically developing amusement parks in the world! Since 2014, it has almost doubled, and by 2025 it is expected to increase threefold. This is perfectly illustrated by the Energylandia map.

When Energylandia was opened, it occupied an area of ​​26 hectares. Exactly the same as what Legendia in Chorzów occupies today. Today, in 2022, Energylandia already covers 70 hectares, and in 3 years it is to expand to 200 hectares. These numbers are very impressive.

Anyway, see for yourself on the maps below how the park has changed in different years. Below is the map of Energylandia: the current and the previous years.

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The interactive map of the park can be found on the official Energylandia website: Energylandia Park Map

Satellite image of Energylandia from 2021
Current map of Energylandia in 2022
Energylandia in 2020
Energylandia in 2019
Energylandia in 2018
Energylandia in 2017