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Speed ​​is a water roller coaster, the only one in Energylandia, which is also the highest and fastest water roller coaster in the world! A second identical copy can be found in Italy. At a speed of about 100 km/h, we go down the 50-meter ramp straight into the water. In turn, in my personal TOP 10 ranking of the best attractions in Energylandia, Speed ​​is high, sixth!

Speed ​​in Energylandia
Speed ​​in Energylandia

Speed’s technical parameters

Attraction nameSpeed
TypeSteel water roller coaster
ModelWater Coaster
opening dateApril 2, 2018
SecurityLap bar (for thighs)
Height50 m
Decrease50 m
Speed101 km / h
Length687 m
Maximum overload3 g
Number of inversions0
Types of inversionLack
number of seats5 x 2 people in a row
Capacity840 people per hour
Minimum height required140 cm
Total travel time3 minutes 16 seconds
Travel time from dropping to braking43 seconds
Pictures of attractionsYes, on the main slope, on the left side
Fast PassNot
Distance from the gates of Energylandia230 meters

Speed ride description

The boat leaves the station on the slipway and slowly flows along the fairway to the cable car tower. It rides onto the elevator platform and the boat reaches the 50-meter peak of decline vertically upwards. The track car then descends at a 45-degree angle and goes through a short stretch of water. Speed ​​climbs a low slope, turns left, and performs a clockwise 360-degree spiral. Then it falls into the water, generating a very strong splash effect. At the same time, the water slows the boat down and it returns to the station.

Speed ​​boat
Speed ​​boat

My personal experience during the Speed ride

Speed ​​is not a typical roller coaster, on which we have to hold on tight, we experience strong overloads and overcome numerous inversions upside down. Contrary to appearances, Speed ​​is a quiet roller coaster, which is perfect for hot days. We cover the beginning of the route along the water track, slowly reaching the tower. We are pulled up to the tower by a lift, where in the middle part our boat is slightly leaning to the side. There is nothing to worry about, however, it is a normal phenomenon. At the top, we can admire beautiful views of almost all of Energylandia for a few seconds.

50-meter Speed ​​turret
50-meter Speed ​​turret

After reaching the summit, we slide 50 meters down at a relatively small angle. We feel nothing dangerous or extremely extreme here. Only the speed is impressive. At the very bottom, the first ride through the water awaits us, where we shouldn’t stay splashed. The rest of the track sequence is already above the water. There are no strong sensations here either.

Descent at a speed of about 100 km / h
Descent at a speed of about 100 km / h

The best thing about Speed ​​is its ending. We fall into the water, slowing down to a slow speed at the same time. The splash effect is so strong that we can get soaked completely. I highly recommend the entry Where to sit on water attractions?

Ending the water roller coaster ride
Finish the rollercoaster ride Speed

How long is Speed ​​waiting for?

We come across Speed ​​going left from the main yard of the park. Just past Big Milk Water Park on the right is the Speeda entrance. The queues at Speed ​​depend largely on the weather. It can be assumed that the warmer it is, the more people will choose Speed. On cold and rainy days, you can be sure that we will be able to climb the Speed ​​without waiting.

It is different on hot summer days. Queues to Speed ​​can be formed from the very morning (it is relatively close to the entrance to Energylandia). So you have to take into account the waiting time of up to 40-60 minutes. If the weather is good for the rest of the day, many people from the Water Park go to Speed ​​to have some fun in the pools. For this reason, queues on hot summer days can last until late afternoon hours.

View from Wonder Wheela
Speed ​​as seen from Wonder Wheel