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The Mayan is a world-famous inverted roller coaster with the track overhead. There are as many as 27 practically identical copies in various amusement parks around the world. What’s more, Mayan is the largest reverse roller coaster in Energylandia and all over Poland. It has the highest number of inversions (5 inversions) and a very strong overload of up to 5 g. In my personal ranking of TOP 10 best attractions in Energylandia, Mayan ranks high, fifth!


Technical parameters of Mayan

Attraction nameMayan
TypeSteel inverted coaster
ModelSLC 689m Standard
opening dateSeptember 12, 2015
SecurityVest restraint (for thighs and arms)
Height33.3 m
Speed80 km / h
Length689 m
Maximum overload5 g
Number of inversions5
Types of inversionRoll-over (x2), Sidewinder, Inline Twist (x2)
Number of trains2
number of seats10 x 2 people in a row
Capacity1040 people per hour
Minimum height required140 cm
Total travel time1 minute 36 seconds
Travel time from falling to stopping40 seconds
Pictures of attractionsYes, at the lowest crossing point on the right
Fast PassYes
Distance from the gates of Energylandia580 meters

Mayan ride description

After leaving the station, the queue is pulled up by a chain to the main hill, 33.3 meters high. It curves to the right and overcomes a double roll-over inversion. Then the cable car goes up the hill with a change of direction to the left. Successively runs the second Sidewinder inversion and two barrels in a row. Finally, the line turns 180 degrees, makes a small slalom and comes to a halt. After the section with the brakes, it returns to the right to the station.

Inversion to Mayana
Inversion to Mayan

My personal experience while driving Mayan

Mayan is a tightly built roller coaster, which often has the impression of being close to the supports and other elements of the track. This phenomenon increases the sensations and adrenaline. In addition, a lot is happening during the 40-second drive. Numerous inversions, ascents and changes in direction of travel are a lot of fun to drive. For me, the best moment is the double barrel during the final run. It is very long and the effect of tilting the body is electrifying.

Inversion to Mayana
Inversion to Mayan

Unfortunately, I also have to say two negative words about the Mayan ride. The ride is not as smooth and comfortable as on Formula, Dragon or Hyperion. Practically from the very descent to the end, the Mayan vibrates and shakes, and in addition, in many places of the track there is a strong jerk of the cable car. We probably won’t bruise our heads, but it takes away the pleasure of the ride. I also have the impression that the further we sit down, the stronger the vibrations are, which really adversely affects the perception of the roller coaster.

The main hill in Mayan
The main hill in Mayan

How long is Mayan waiting for?

We can get to Mayan going towards the Viking Village. The entrance is at the very end, behind the Anaconda attraction. Despite the fact that it is an extreme queue, it has not been as crowded recently as Hyperion, Zadra, Formula or even Dragon. On summer holidays, there are days with a queue for 30-40 minutes, but it is easy to hit the waiting time of 10-20 minutes.

In the off-season, there should be practically no problem using the Mayan without waiting. At most, we can find a 10-minute cable car. I have to add that Mayan’s downside is getting out of it. After leaving the station, we walk behind the Mayan and Tsunami Drop. Then we have to go through the store and only then can we go back to the rollercoaster area. It adds a lot of distance if we want to use the same roller coaster again.

Mayan station
Mayan station