Is it worth going to Energylandia in winter?

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Energylandia, like any other amusement park, experiences its biggest siege during the holiday season. Few know that in December and January the amusement park in Zator is also open and you can easily ride on Hyperion or Zadra. For those who are cold, there is a Wonder Wheel, an ice rink, a meeting with Santa, Christmas dishes and delicious mulled wine. Is it worth going to Energylandia in winter then?

Dragon Castle in winter
Smoczy Gród zone on a sunny winter day

It’s magical in Energylandia in winter

The largest garden of lights in Poland, fireplaces and coke ovens, elves, Santa Claus, an ice rink with a free skate rental, hundreds of Christmas trees and Christmas decorations, baubles painting workshops, mulled wine and delicious dumplings, or borscht. And then a ride through Zadra and Hyperion. This is what it is like in winter during the Winter Kingdom in Energylandia. You can also count on promotional tickets, so it’s worth following the park’s social networks.

Meeting with Mikołaj in Energylandia
Meeting with Mikołaj in Energylandia

Can you have fun in Energylandia in winter?

You can, and it’s pretty good! It is enough to take proper clothes and warming drinks. This way you can spend a few hours in the park in peace. Believe me, when in Energylandia you do not queue up to attractions, after 2-3 hours you get everything you want. And even several times.

I and my family wear warm sweatshirts, long johns, jackets, obligatory caps, chimneys and gloves. It is also worth having a balaclava! At larger attractions, it is forbidden to pass in a hat and scarves. Then we put on a chimney and a balaclava, and you can even put on ski goggles and the fun is really great!

It is worth remembering that in freezing weather some attractions may not work, and the entire Water Park and water attractions are closed. In addition, in 2022, the Aqualantis zone will be closed (so the Abyssus ride will not be available). Be sure to also check the official Energylandia calendar and opening hours in winter.

Energylandia ice rink
Energylandia ice rink

What days is Energylandia open in winter?

November 2022 is a month with only two days of fun in Energylandia: November 26 and 27.

In December 2022, we can go to the Energylandia park almost on all days . The exceptions are: December 12, 13, 14, December 19, 20, 21, and December 24, 25 and 31.

January 2023 is the month when we still have four more opportunities to have fun in Energylandia. And these days are January 5, 6, 7 and 8. After this day, the park will remain closed until the next season. In 2023, Energylandia will start the season on April 1 (Saturday).

Check also which other months it is worth going to Energylandia.

Dragon's Castle in December
Smoczy Gród zone in December