How to dress for Energylandia?

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Jak ubrać się do Energylandii

The clothes we put on must first of all be adapted to the weather. It is known that we will dress differently in December, differently in April, and also completely different on a hot August day. After all, to be able to have fun in Energylandia, you should dress comfortably . So how to dress for Energylandia depending on whether it is cold or warm?

Entry to Hyperion

First of all, it is convenient to get to Energylandia

This is the main rule. Do not dress in formal, formal or fancy outfits. You need to be comfortable, able to walk a lot, stand a lot and sit comfortably in the attractions. High heels, heavy makeup, tight pants and an excess of jewelry are definitely not the right outfit for Energylandia.

It is worth putting on a sports outfit , i.e. comfortable shoes in which you will be able to take several thousand steps (several or several kilometers), comfortable pants or shorts, a T-shirt or a comfortable top and a hat for a hot day. This is more than enough for warm and hot summer days. A fancy hairstyle and makeup are also not a good idea. On water attractions, your makeup will probably run off, and on fast roller coasters, your hairstyle will spoil.

How to dress in winter and on cold days?

Contrary to appearances, in Energylandia you can have a great time in winter, practically at all attractions except the water zone and water attractions. You must be properly prepared and dressed so as not to freeze at 100, 120 or 140 km/h.

How to dress for Energylandia

It is compulsory to wear a warm and comfortable jacket and a sweatshirt or sweater under it to keep you warm. Pants and long johns are also a good idea for winter. For this, you need a chimney, hat and warm gloves. A scarf is not a good idea. At faster attractions, staff will ask you to remove the scarf. You will also have to leave your cap at Hyperion, Zadra and other quick attractions. But in that case, keep a balaclava in your pocket. It will protect your face, neck and top of your head from the rush of frosty air. And for the first row on Abyssus, Formula or Mayana, I recommend having ski goggles with you (on Hyperion and Zadra, the goggles are given by the staff).

Two pairs of socks or even two pairs of gloves are also not a stupid idea. Choose everything according to your predispositions to endure cold. After 1-2 rides on roller coaster, it becomes warmer and later it is easier to play in winter.

How to dress up to Energylandia in summer?

When the temperatures on the thermometer exceed well over 20 ° C, it is much easier to get dressed. It is worth putting on sports shoes in which you will be able to cover even several kilometers. On hot days, sandals can also be used. Some of them come in flip-flops or plain flip-flops, but the staff will ask you to take them off before entering many attractions.

Queue for Hyperion

Going higher, it is worth wearing comfortable shorts, and when the weather is a bit cooler, comfortable pants, preferably sweatpants or made of soft material. A dress or skirt can also be and there is no problem with entering extreme attractions, however, for your own comfort, you will not feel good everywhere in a short skirt or dress. Wear a T-shirt or other airy top on top.

Be sure to bring a hat or cap on hot days. Of course, you will be able to go to many attractions with your headgear, and you will simply take the stronger ones off and leave them on a public shelf.

How to dress for water attractions in Energylandia?

On cold days, the current of the river and water effects are turned off on Jungle Adventure and Atlantis. You are unlikely to get wet and it doesn’t really matter what you dress. Just adapt your clothes to the weather. It is different on the Speed ​​roller coaster, the Anaconda and Toffifee Gold Mine canoeing trips. You can often get splashed there, and especially hard on the Speed. In this case, jeans and other clothing that dries for a long time will not be recommended. It’s worth betting on a material that dries better. You can also use foil capes , which can be purchased in vending machines (they are given away for free on rainy days).

It is worth wearing clothes that we do not feel sorry for, because strongly chlorinated water on all water attractions can leave stains that will be difficult to wash off. Also remember that practically all attractions have hair dryers (Turbo dryers), where you can dry clothes and hair for a few zlotys. From experience, however, I immediately note that their efficiency is average and they do not dry much. On hot days, it is not even worth using them, because we will dry faster in the sun.

Make-up and Energylandia?

In winter, on cold days – okay, if you like heavy makeup, it won’t be a problem. However, on hot days, and even more so if you intend to use the water zone, or even the usual attractions where it splashes, thick makeup will not be a good idea. I don’t know what cosmetics you use, but I bet you will just look unfavorable sooner or later or fix your make-up. Energylandia is not a place where you don’t know how to look sophisticated. This is not a place for beautiful outfits, original makeup and sophisticated hairstyles. This is an entertaining place to dress and get ready to, just like playing sports.

Summer dress code for Eneryglandia

What hairstyle for Energylandia?

The principle is similar to the dress code – it must be comfortable. It is worth having tightly tied hair at the attractions and it is better to let go of heavy and metal hairpins , which may fall on people sitting in the back if they are not inserted properly. Of course, at children’s and family attractions, there will be no major difference in terms of hairstyles, but on Hyperion, Zadra and other extreme attractions, it is worth putting on a good pinning up. I also strongly encourage all ladies and girls to do short pin-ups in Zadra, because the spacing between the rows in Zadra is relatively small and people in the back simply get their faces with their long hair.

Can I enter the attractions in Energylandia with contact lenses?

Of course. There are no contraindications to use the attractions and roller coaster in contact lenses. Of course, on Hyperion, Zadra or Abyssus, the air rush is actually very large and in extreme cases it could blow away the lenses. However, with such a rush, we blink our eyes automatically, which prevents the lenses from falling out. In addition, when we go to the first car on Hyperion and Zadra, we will receive goggles that will effectively protect our eyes.

By the way, two words belong to the glasses themselves. Apart from attractions for children, no other staff will allow us to enter with glasses. We will be asked to remove them and leave them on the shelf. If we use deposit cabinets before the attraction, it is worth putting our sunglasses or corrective glasses inside them.

Deposit lockers in Zadra
Deposit lockers in front of the entrance to Zadra