How to buy an armband for lockers in Energylandia?

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Szafki w Energylandii

You will ask: where to hide a phone, backpack or purse? Can you go to the attractions with a backpack, sunglasses and a bottle of water? Where are the deposit lockers , only at the beginning of the park, or also in other places? Will there be a place to put personal belongings in the water zone? And if so, how much does it cost , how to buy a band for lockers in Energylandia and how to use the lockers?

Let me tell you straight: I love the Energylandia solution that I miss in Legendi.

Deposit lockers in Energylandia

In Energylandia there are dozens of large deposit lockers , to which we can (and at some attractions we have to) put away larger personal items. These cabinets resemble the famous parcel lockers, and their operation is really simple.

Energylandia and the operators of attractions are guided by safety, therefore we cannot come to large attractions with backpacks or handbags. We have to put them in the safe deposit boxes in advance. We can only take a hat, glasses or a phone to the attraction station, which we can leave in open shelves for free.

Lockers in Energylandia
Lockers in front of the Hyperion roller coaster

Where are the lockers in Energylandia?

Lockers in Energylandia can be found in the square with ticket offices, where you can even hide a small suitcase or a few backpacks. Then, after entering the park , you will find smaller lockers that can easily accommodate a backpack and a purse or two smaller backpacks.

These cabinets are located in front of every major attraction and include:

  • Hyperion,
  • Energuś,
  • Boomerang,
  • Mayan,
  • Anaconda,
  • Formula,
  • Dragoon,
  • Speed ​​Water Coaster,
  • Splinter,
  • Team,
  • Tidal Wave Twister,
  • Abyssus,
  • Water Park.
Lockers in front of the Zadra roller coaster
Lockers in front of the Zadra roller coaster

In front of which attractions are there no safe deposit lockers?

Unfortunately, not before every attraction in Energylandia there are lockers where we can leave our personal belongings. Fortunately, in this case there is no problem with entering the attraction, for example with a backpack. In the case of Jungle Adventure or Atlantis pontoons, we simply take a backpack and a handbag with us on the deck of the pontoon. In the case of attractions such as Aztec Swing or Tsunami Drop, we leave the backpack or handbag next to the attractions on a specially dedicated shelf. This is the list of attractions for which we will not use dedicated cabinets. In this case, we either take personal belongings with us or use other lockers in the park.

  • Aztec Swing,
  • Tsunami Drop,
  • Viking,
  • Apocalypto,
  • Atlantis (we take with us),
  • Jungle Adventure (we take with us),
  • Toffifee Gold Mine,
  • Viking Ride (we take with us),
  • Splash Battel (we take with us),
  • Wonder Wheel (we take with us),
  • Draken,
  • Frida,
  • Grotto Expedition (we take with us),
  • all attractions in Fairytale.

How much do the lockers in Energylandia cost?

The band entitling us to use all lockers in the park costs only PLN 12. After purchasing it, we can use one cabinet at a time. In other words: we go to Hyperion, open the cupboard, put on the backpack. We leave Hyperion, pick up things from the locker and go, for example, to Energuś. Before entering Energuś, we open the cupboard again and hide our things. We leave the attractions and collect our belongings. And so on. So we pay once, use it at will.

It is not possible to use two lockers at the same time , so that, for example, you can hide more personal items into two lockers. In this case, we must purchase another wristband.

How big are the cabinets in Energylandia?

Each cabinet has a capacity of 56 liters and internal dimensions: depth 40 cm, width 39 cm and height 36 cm. We can easily fit one normal backpack in it, plus a women’s handbag, two large bottles of water and other small items.

Inside the locker in Energylandia
Inside the locker in Energylandia

How to buy an armband for lockers in Energylandia?

At each locker there is a machine that allows you to buy a wristband. We must have a payment card or cash in coins.

  1. On the screen of the machine, we choose whether we buy the locker for cash or pay with a card.
  2. Then we throw the deducted cash or put the card to the terminal.
  3. After a while, the payment will be finalized and the band will come out from the hole below.
  4. Peel off the protective piece on the back of the band and stick it around the wrist.

The bands are waterproof , so we can use water attractions without any obstacles.

Purchase of the wristband in Energylandia
The band for the lockers in Energylandia
The band for the lockers in Energylandia

How to open a locker in Energylandia?

Approach any deposit locker in Energylandia and put your hand with the wristband into the hole with the scanner. After a while, the display will show the number of the assigned cabinet and the cabinet will automatically open. We put our things in and close the cupboard. So much.

Opening the locker in Energylandia
Opening the locker in Energylandia

In some lockers, especially in Aqualantis or Hyperion, after scanning the band, the screen will ask if you want to use the locker. Click on Assign cabinet and the cabinet will open.

How to pick up your things from the lockers in Energylandia?

We put our hand in the reader again and the cabinet will open after a while. Some lockers ask if we release the locker (take our things and never come back here) or if we just want to open it for a while, without releasing it for other people. Remember that if you choose to release a locker, you won’t be able to open it anymore!

Opening the locker in Energylandia
Opening the locker in Energylandia

I also noticed that many people, after leaving the attractions, do not know how to return to the lockers (especially for Formula, Dragon, or Boomerang). These people try to go back to reach the lockers in the place where they opened them. In fact, the cabinets in the above-mentioned attractions are double-sided. So, before the attraction, we put our things, and then, after leaving the attraction, we open the cabinet on the other side. The same is also true for Abyssus, Zadra, Mayana and many other attractions. Of course, there are also one-sided cabinets, as in front of the crew, in the water zone, or in public areas.

Deposit lockers in Energylandia
Lockers in front of the roller coaster The Light Explorers team

What to do when the cupboard won’t open or our things are stuck in it because of our wrong choice?

You just shouldn’t panic. Usually, each locker has an employee wearing the Energylandia uniform. Thanks to this, we can easily find him. Let’s present the situation and ask for help. Certainly, an employee will help us open the locker and recover our personal items.