How much money do you need for Energylandia?

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A trip to Energylandia is a project that requires proper planning. Both logistic, time and financial. Information on how and what to get to Energylandia can be found in a separate entry. In this, in turn, I will try to answer the question of how much money is needed for Energylandia. What can you save on, how much you need to spend on food and what is extra paid.

Wonder Wheel how much money to Energylandia
Wonder Wheel view

A trip to Energylandia for 1 person

Going alone, the costs will be relatively low. Assuming 1 normal ticket, the cost of the car park, the armbands on the locker, as well as one photo of the attractions, two drinks and one meal, you can close in the amount of PLN 300. Of course, I do not count on travel costs because they depend on many factors. How much money is needed for Energylandia largely depends on where and what you are driving from, and if you are driving a car, also on fuel consumption.

ticket offices in energylandia how much money
Ticket offices in Energylandia

The costs will increase significantly if you go out for 2 days. First of all, there is the more expensive cost of a ticket and a few meals, and secondly, an overnight stay. Assuming 1 adult ticket for 2 days, parking, wristband, 2 photos from attractions, four drinks, two hot meals at Energylandia, food at a nearby discount store, and an overnight stay at the campsite, you will spend PLN 600 . However, if you decide to stay overnight in one of the nearby houses, unfortunately the cost can go up to around 1000 PLN for the whole thing plus travel costs.

Price list of photos from attractions in Energylandia

However, you can try the economic version and take both food and drink with you to the park. It is also worth resigning from purchasing a photo of the attractions. On the other hand, during a trip for two days, park outside the paid parking lot, away from Energylandia, and also sleep in a tent. In this case, you will spend about PLN 220 for a one-day trip + the cost of eating and drinking in the store. For two days, PLN 370 + food and drink costs in the store.

main parking lot in energylandia from a drone
Paid parking at Energylandia

A trip to Energylandia for 2 adults

If you go to Energylandia as a pair, the cost will increase in the case of tickets and food. Parking, fuel and lockers will remain on the same level. Therefore, you have to take into account the amount of PLN 500 – 550. With a two-day trip, the amount will increase to PLN 900 – 1000 without accommodation and travel costs.

Nothing prevents you from taking food and drink with you. You can also go to a nearby restaurant or McDonald’s while playing in the park. In addition, by resigning from photos from the attractions, you are able to reduce the cost by a good 100 – 150 PLN for one day. And even up to PLN 300 for two days.

One of the many places to eat your own food

A trip to Energylandia for a family of 4: 2 adults and 2 children up to 140 cm tall

Of course, the trip with the whole family will be the most expensive. In addition to the higher costs of tickets, food and drink, children often cannot resist ice cream, sweets and paid games, in which they can win stuffed animals.

  • Tickets for 1 day: PLN 616.
  • Parking and locker armband: PLN 32.
  • Eight drinks: around PLN 80.
  • Lunch for four: PLN 160.
  • Ice cream for four people: PLN 40.
  • Photos of two attractions: PLN 40.
  • 5 throws in games with prizes: PLN 55.
  • TOTAL: PLN 1023 .

The above calculation does not include the cost of travel and possible accommodation if you are driving far away. Certainly, there will be some more snacks and sweets, or using Turbo Dryers 1-2 times. The total amount including travel from the other end of Poland + the cheapest accommodation may exceed PLN 2,500.

Turbo dryer in Energylandia
Turbo Dryers

For a two-day trip, we probably need to add about PLN 1000, i.e. we need about PLN 3500 for 2 days of fun in Energylandia for a family of 4.

How to save in Energylandia and spend less?

How much money is needed for Energylandia largely depends on us. The economical option is especially good for people who want to visit the amusement park in Zator at least 4 times a year. In such a situation, without thinking, we should buy year-round tickets, which are returned at the fourth entrance to the park.

Year-round tickets to Energylandia
Year-round tickets to Energylandia

Secondly, we give up dining in the park. We buy water in the store, prepare sandwiches / toasts at home, take snacks and fruit. We can bring everything in the backpack to the Energylandia area. Additionally, we resign from purchasing photos of attractions and paid games with prizes. In such a situation, not counting the cost of all-year tickets and travel, we are able to play in the park with several people for literally PLN 32 + the cost of travel and food in the store . We pay PLN 32 for the parking lot (PLN 20) and a band for lockers (PLN 12).

Prices in Energylandia