How much is parking in Energylandia?

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Energylandia has several car parks and each of them is payable. The entrance to the car park in Energylandia has a very good marking. Arriving in the season before opening, we will be directed to the main parking lot in front of the main entrance.

main parking lot in energylandia from a drone
View of the main parking lot in front of Energylandia. There are spare parking lots in the distance

When we reach the site after opening and the main car park is full, the employees will direct us to spare car parks: Bartuś, Energuś and Leoś car parks , which are located just behind the water zone. Each of the parking lots can accommodate hundreds of cars and I have never run out of parking spaces.

Additional parking lots in Energylandia
Additional parking lots near Energylandia: Bartuś, Energuś and Leoś

What I personally appreciate about parking lots are employees. They are almost everywhere. Even on a public road, several hundred meters in front of the parking lot. They are dressed in vests, thanks to which they can be seen from a distance. They show us access to the place from the street, right up to the stop of the vehicle. Every now and then another parking lot shows us whether we should go straight, right or left.

Main parking lot with a view of Hyperion in Energyland
Alley in the main parking lot in front of Energylandia

So don’t worry. If you are afraid of tight parking lots, you do not like driving among hundreds of vehicles and you have no orientation in the field, you do not have to worry about anything. Energylandia employees will ensure trouble-free access to the nearest free parking space.

When you get out of the car, immediately pay attention to the markings of the parking sectors. The numbering of the parking sectors can be found high on poles and lanterns. You can also use the flags in the main parking lot or just count the alley in which you parked. Remembering this at the beginning will make it easier for you to find the car later, when you leave Energylandia.

Marking of the sectors of the parking lot in Energylandia
Markings of the sectors of the parking lot in Energylandia

More than once, I have seen lost families looking for their vehicle and even I have spent a few longer moments looking for a car.

How much is the parking in Energylandia and where to buy a ticket?

Parking for passenger cars costs PLN 20, regardless of how many hours we spend in the park.

Motorhome parking costs PLN 99 per day (with access to water, electricity and toilets).

The campsite costs PLN 50 per day (with access to water, electricity and toilets).

Parking ticket to Energylandia purchased at ticket offices
Parking ticket purchased at the ticket office

How to buy a ticket for parking in Energylandia?

You can buy a ticket for the Energylandia parking lot online at:, at ticket offices and at vending machines located in the main courtyard of Energylandia.

In the machine, it is enough to choose whether to buy a ticket for a passenger car or a motorhome and make the payment. The parking ticket will print out after a few seconds. Keep it until you exit the parking lot.

Purchase of a parking ticket in Energylandia

How to leave the parking lot in Energylandia?

In this case, unfortunately, we have to partly deal with ourselves. The exit alleys are relatively narrow, so pay special attention to other parked vehicles and children sometimes running around. Fortunately, the alleys are one-way, so just stick to the direction of travel and go to the main exit road. At the end of it, there are employees who will guide you to the exit gates and help you scan the ticket.

Parking alley in Energylandia
Parking alley in Energylandia

There have been occasions when a printed parking ticket purchased online did not work when I was leaving the parking lot. But there was never a problem with it, the employee checked the ticket and opened the barrier.

In the season, just before the closing and for several dozen minutes after the closing of Energylandia, long lines form to the exit gates , so it is worth being patient. Sometimes it happens that employees open the barriers and do not check tickets in order to remove the congestion.

Main exit from the Energylandia parking lot
Departure from the main parking lot in Energylandia

For the forgetful there is a parking machine with tickets on the right before leaving the main parking lot. However, it is worth buying a ticket in advance so as not to block the trip later.

Parking ticket machines before leaving Energylandia
Parking ticket machines just before departure

How to get to Energylandia from spare parking lots?

Spare car parks (those located behind the park) are open only in the season. A train with a few carriages is also launched , which carries guests almost completely free of charge to the main gate of Energylandia . During the opening and closing hours and the high attendance of guests, the choo-choo train runs practically non-stop, departing approximately every 10 minutes.

Cook Bartuś in Energyland
Cook Bartuś in Energyland

If you leave Energylandia and want to use the choo-choo, go right towards the old ticket offices. There are entrance boxes, similar to those at roller coaster stations. Go to the stop marked with the name of the car park where you left your car (Bartuś – green, Energuś – blue, Leoś – red).

Map of additional parking lots in Energylandia
Map of additional parking lots in Energylandia

Take a free seat (4 people per box) and wait for the next choo-choo train. Even if you mistake the choo-choo train, you will still get to one of the above parking lots, which are located next to each other.

A train station running between additional car parks and the main Energylandia car park
A train station running between additional car parks and the main Energylandia car park

How and how to get to Energylandia?

Apart from the obvious car, there is also a dedicated Energylandia coach and trains to choose from. You can read more about getting to Energylandia in the post: How to get to Energylandia?