How much is food and drink at the Energylandia theme park?

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There are over 60 restaurants and eateries in Energylandia. Several more will arrive with the opening of the Sweet Valley zone. Such a large number of gastronomy gives us a lot of freedom in choosing dishes and snacks. In Energylandia we can easily eat Polish, Scandinavian, Italian, oriental, grilled, fast food, pancakes, donuts, ice cream, cotton candy or popcorn. We can find places with drinks practically at every step. Including coffee, tea, cold drinks, low and even high alcohol. So how much is food in the Energylandia park and how much money do we have to prepare for food during the whole day of fun ?

Taverna Zator
Taverna Zator

What and where can you eat in Energylandia?

After entering Energylandia, we are close to a donut shop and two restaurants: Royal Restaurant and the Widokowa Restaurant. In turn, at Hyperion we can eat a kebab. Going deeper into the park, right in front of the Family Zone, there are several eateries. Here we find Scandinavia Restaurant, Frytkomania and Don Energgio with really good casseroles .

Scandinavia Restaurant food energylandia
Scandinavia Restaurant

What will we eat in Bajkolandia, Family and Extreme Zone?

In Fairy Tale, they mainly focus on quick snacks. We can find here a pierogi (dumplings), a pancake house or a place called Crispy Chickens. In the Family Zone, right next to the entrance to RMF Dragon, there is a village with many dining options . Here we can eat kebabs in Viking Kebab, very good churros with powdered sugar and cinnamon or chocolate. Right next to it you will find dishes for grill fans: skewers, sausage and ribs.

Numerous eateries in the Family Zone - energylandia food
Numerous eateries in the Family Zone

Going to the Extreme Zone around Aztec Swing and Apocalypto, we find quite good hot dogs, kebabs, pork knuckle and red chicken burgers. In the vicinity of the roller coaster Boomerang, we can try different versions of kebabs. A bit further, we can visit Tawerna Zator , where fried fish and seafood are served . For lovers of Asian cuisine, Energylandia serves chicken with rice, noodles and vegetables at the Orient Express point, the theme of the volcano.

The smoking volcano Orient Express with Asian food energylandia food
The smoking volcano Orient Express with Asian cuisine

A very popular restaurant on the Energylandia map is undoubtedly the Formula Restaurant. It is not difficult to avoid it. The characteristic building is located next to the Formula roller coaster. We can eat quite good pizza and casseroles here.

Restaurant Formula
Restaurant Formula

What will we eat in Smoczy Gród, Aqualantis and Water Park?

Probably the most popular dining outlets in Smoczy Gród . It is here that there are usually large queues to buy food. We can taste there chicken, pizza, baked goods and desserts from the bakery.

Numerous eateries in Smoczy Gród
Numerous eateries in Smoczy Gród

We will also eat quite well at Aqualantis in the Energylandia park. We can find here both a donut shop, cafes, ice cream parlors with really delicious ice cream, as well as a large Hall of Columns restaurant with Polish, Asian, European and Italian cuisine . You can check how much the food in the above restaurant costs at the bottom of the entry.

Hall of Columns in Aqualantis
Hall of Columns in Aqualantis

For lovers of water fun, we can also eat in the Water Park. We have a choice of sandwiches with juicy chicken or grilled dishes: sausage, bacon and skewers.

Prices of cold drinks in Energylandia

Mineral water 0.5 lPLN 6
Apple / orange juicePLN 8
Pepsi, 7up, Mirinda 0.5 lPLN 10
Lipton Ice Tea 0.5 lPLN 10
lemonadePLN 12
Energy drinkPLN 12

Prices of hot drinks in Energylandia

TeaPLN 8
EspressoPLN 10
Espresso DoppioPLN 12
Espresso MacchiatoPLN 12
Amarula EspressoPLN 12
AmericanoPLN 12
Black coffeePLN 10
Black coffee with milkPLN 12
cappuccinoPLN 14
Latte Macchiato14 PLN / 16 PLN
Hot chocolatePLN 14
Flat WhitePLN 16
Caramel lattePLN 18
Baileys LattePLN 18
FrappuccinoPLN 18
Ronnefeldt teaPLN 12
Cold and hot drinks in Energylandia - price list enegylandia food
Cold and hot drinks in Energylandia – price list

Alcohol prices in Energylandia

Beer juicePLN 1
Canned beerPLN 13
Draft beer Tyskie 0.4 lPLN 13
Draft beer Tyskie 0.7 l + a glass of EnergylandiaPLN 26
Draft beer Pilsner Urquell 0.3 lPLN 12
Draft beer Pilsner Urquell 0.4 lPLN 13
Draft beer Pilsner Urquell 0.5 lPLN 15
Mulled beerPLN 16
Mulled winePLN 15
Tea with rumPLN 19
ProseccoPLN 12
White winePLN 13
Red winePLN 13
Martini Rosso (60 ml)PLN 10
Martini Bianco (60 ml)PLN 10
Martini Extra Dry (60 ml)PLN 13
Metaxa (40 ml)PLN 15
Hennessy (40 ml)PLN 26
Wyborowa Vodka (40 ml)PLN 8
Finlandia Vodka (40 ml)PLN 9
Flavored Finland (40 ml)PLN 9
Żubrówka (40 ml)PLN 8
Żołądkowa Bitter Traditional (40 ml)PLN 7
Gin Lubuski (40 ml)PLN 8
Gin Tanqueray (40 ml)PLN 18
Gin Hendricks (40 ml)PLN 26
Amarulla liqueur (40 ml)PLN 12
Baileys liqueur (40 ml)PLN 10
Jagermeister liqueur (40 ml)PLN 13
Rum Bacardi Gold Carta Oro (40 ml)PLN 14
Bacardi Black Carta Negra Rum (40 ml)PLN 14
Tequila Olmeca Blanco (40 ml)PLN 15
Tequila Olmeca Gold (40 ml)PLN 17
Whiskey Grant’s (40 ml)PLN 21
Johnnie Walker Red (40 ml)PLN 16
Johnie Walker Black (40 ml)PLN 22
Johnie Walker Gold (40 ml)PLN 27
Chivas Regal (40 ml)PLN 12
Jack Daniel’s (40 ml)PLN 19
Jack Daniel’s Fire (40 ml)PLN 19
Jack Daniel’s Honey (40 ml)PLN 19
Jack Daniel’s Green (40 ml)PLN 44
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel (40 ml)PLN 30
MojitoPLN 28
HugoPLN 26
Moscow MulePLN 28
Martini FieroPLN 26
Copa FinlandPLN 24
Sex On The BeachPLN 26
MargaritaPLN 28
A wide range of alcohols in Energylandia. Energylandia food
A wide range of alcoholic beverages in Energylandia

How much do fast food cost in Energylandia?

ChipsPLN 9
Breaded chicken drumstick (6 pcs.)PLN 28
Wings breaded (9 pcs.)20 zł
Nuggets (9 pcs.)PLN 26
Chicken burgerPLN 18
Classic wrap with chickenPLN 26
Vege wrap with humusPLN 24
Classic bucket (6 nuggets, 3 wings, 2 drumsticks, fries, ketchup)PLN 45
Family bucket (9 nuggets, 5 wings, 3 drumsticks, 2x fries, 2x ketchup)PLN 62
Ketchup or mayonnaisePLN 1
Garlic saucePLN 2
Salsa Texicana saucePLN 5
Energylandia set (chicken burger, fries, drink)PLN 36
Wrap set (chicken wrap, fries, drink)PLN 38
Vege Set with Wrap (hummus wrap, fries, drink)PLN 36
Children’s set + toy (3 nuggets, fries, juice)PLN 26
Kebab in Arabic pastryPLN 25
Vege Kebab in Arabic pastryPLN 25
Kebab in a rollPLN 25
Kebab includedPLN 28
Kebab BoxPLN 28
Kebabs in the Energylandia park
Kebabs in the Energylandia park

Prices for pizzas and casseroles

Pizza MargheritaPLN 34
Capriciossa pizzaPLN 36
Vegetarian pizzaPLN 38
Texas PizzaPLN 40
Parma pizzaPLN 40
Pizza PicantePLN 38
Energylandia pizzaPLN 40
Marherita CasserolePLN 18
Capricciosa Casserole20 zł
Vegetarian Casserole20 zł
Energylandia casserolePLN 22
Forest CasserolePLN 24
Casserole with oscypek and baconPLN 24
Prices of casseroles in Energylandia food energylandia
Prices of casseroles in Energylandia

How much do home-made products and grilled dishes cost in Energylandia?

ShashlikPLN 30
Grilled sausage in a baguettePLN 24
BBQ grilled ribsPLN 32
Baked potatoPLN 16
Cooked cornPLN 12
Pea soup (available during Oktoberfest)PLN 16
Pork with bread and pickled cucumber (available during Oktoberfest)PLN 30
Grilled black pudding with bread (available during Oktoberfest)PLN 24
Grilled sausage with bread and pickled cucumber (available during Oktoberfest)PLN 24
Pork shashlik with bread (available at Oktoberfest)PLN 30
Piece of bread with lard and pickled cucumber (available during Oktoberfest)PLN 16
Pickled cucumber 2 pcs. (Available during Oktoberfest)PLN 4
Oscypek cheese with cranberry 2 pcs (available during Oktoberfest)PLN 10
Butter pretzel (available at Oktoberfest)PLN 7
Price list of delicacies and grilled dishes in Energylandia food
Price list of delicacies and grilled dishes in Energylandia

Prices of snacks in Energylandia

PopcornPLN 12
scoop of ice creamPLN 7
Ice lollyPLN 9
Italian ice cream – smallPLN 8
Italian ice cream – bigPLN 10
Pancake with powdered sugarPLN 10
Pancake with nutellaPLN 17
Pancake with sauce and whipped cream20 zł
Pancake Caramel Sweetness20 zł
Banana Pancake Dizziness20 zł
Vanilla pancake Delight20 zł
Churros (with powdered sugar or chocolate)PLN 16
Price list of Italian ice cream in Energylandia food energylandia
Price list of Italian ice cream in Energylandia

How much money do you need for lunch at Energylandia?

Children’s set (chicken fillet, fries, boiled vegetables)PLN 28
Chicken noodle soupPLN 15
White borscht with egg and sausagePLN 15
Tomato soupPLN 15
sour soupPLN 15
Mushroom soupPLN 19
Corn creamPLN 15
Tomato-pepper creamPLN 15
Shoyu ramenPLN 32
Tom Kha soupPLN 32
Pork chopPLN 25
Baked chicken breast in red pepper saucePLN 25
Baked chicken breast in chanterelle saucePLN 36
Beef roulade in roast saucePLN 31
Roasted duck legPLN 30
Panko filletsPLN 24
Salmon baked in garlic and dill butterPLN 36
Hake in beer batterPLN 27
FishburgerPLN 18
4 fish fingers, fries, and juicePLN 22
Fishburger, fries, and poured drinkPLN 34
Hake fillet, fries, and sauerkraut saladPLN 30
Sun-dried tomato pasta with basil pestoPLN 32
ShrimpPLN 36
Bao stuffed with hoisin baconPLN 30
Bao stuffed with turkey gongchujangPLN 30
Sweet and sour chicken with ricePLN 36
Prawns in curry sauce with ricePLN 45
Bowl with prawnsPLN 32
Bowl with chickenPLN 29
Gaprese saladPLN 27
chicken saladPLN 29
tuna saladPLN 29
Goat cheese saladPLN 29
Salad barPLN 10
PotatoesPLN 9
ChipsPLN 9
RicePLN 9
Silesian noodlesPLN 9
Steamed vegetablesPLN 11
Green BeansPLN 11
Sweet potatoesPLN 15
Grilled vegetablesPLN 15
Hall of Columns restaurant offer energylandia food
Hall of Columns restaurant offer

How much money do we have to take to eat for the whole day in Energylandia?

If we do not plan to take our own food, snacks and drinks with us, we must assume that we need about PLN 100 per person for a whole day of fun in Energylandia. At this price, there is enough for a soup (PLN 15), a second course with cutlet, potatoes and vegetables (PLN 44) and a second quick meal, e.g. a casserole (PLN 20). Additionally, we will spend PLN 6 for a bottle of water, PLN 12 for coffee and PLN 7 for one scoop of ice cream. This gives us as much as PLN 107 for 1 person, and I took into account the cheapest drinks and dishes. If we prefer sweet drinks, more ice cream, breakfast and instead of a casserole – a whole pizza, the amount will increase up to PLN 150.

Food court with popcorn and sweets eating energylandia
Food court with popcorn and sweets

On the other hand, when we did not eat breakfast in the morning, and prefer a more sophisticated cuisine (e.g. Asian) for dinner, and in addition to drinks, we want 1 beer or a drink, we have to take into account the amount of over PLN 200 for 1 person. In the meantime, when we still feel like a popcorn / donut or other snack, or when we are hungry and plan to eat something for dinner before going out, we will already reach the amount of PLN 250-300.

It can therefore be assumed that if we go to Energylandia without any drinks or food, we will publish in the economic version:

  • for 1 person – about PLN 100
  • for 2 people – about 180 – 220 PLN
  • for 3 people – about 250 – 350 PLN
  • for 4 people – about 350 – 450 PLN

In the more “rich” version, with snacks, additional dishes and alcohol, we must take the following forks:

  • for 1 person – about PLN 250
  • for 2 people – about 450 – 500 PLN
  • for 3 people – about 600-800 PLN
  • for 4 people – about 900 – 1100 PLN

Before you go to Energylandia and before you plan your budget, be sure to check the entry: How much money do you need for Energylandia?

Also check if you can take your own food, drink and alcohol to the Energylandia Park: What should you bring to Energylandia?