How much are the tickets to Energylandia?

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kasy biletowe w energylandii

It is best to buy tickets to Energylandia online on the website of the amusement park:

Of course, tickets can also be purchased on arrival at the ticket offices. There are quite a lot of ticket offices in the courtyard in front of the main gate of the park. However, I would like to point out that in the high season, when the number of visitors to the park is highest, long lines at the ticket offices may form. On the other hand, having an electronic ticket, we will avoid queuing at the cash desk . We simply go straight to the entrance where our ticket is scanned by ourselves or with the help of an Energylandia park employee. We can print it or show it on the smartphone screen.

ticket offices in energylandia
Ticket offices in the main courtyard in Energylandia

The Energylandia Park offer includes the following individual tickets:

  • One-day ticket for a child up to 3 years old – PLN 1
  • Reduced one-day ticket (for children up to 140 cm tall and seniors over 65) – PLN 129
  • One-day normal ticket for all persons over 140 cm tall – 179 PLN
  • One-day birthday ticket – PLN 1
  • A two-day reduced ticket – PLN 229
  • Two-day normal ticket – PLN 319
  • Ticket for a pregnant woman – PLN 129
  • Discounted year-round ticket – PLN 499
  • Full-year full-year ticket – PLN 699
  • One-day ticket for the newlyweds – PLN 1
  • One-day ticket for a disabled person up to 12 years old – PLN 109
  • One-day ticket for a disabled person aged 12+ – PLN 129

Ticket for a child up to 3 years old

If our child is under three years of age, he will enter the Energylandia Park for the proverbial zloty . Please note that we must have a document confirming the age of the child with us. It can be an identity card or a birth certificate. Energylandia also informs on its website that photocopies or photos of the above-mentioned documents will not be included.

When a child turns 3, a discounted ticket is valid.

A birthday ticket to Energylandia for PLN 1

In my opinion, this is the best promotion for park tickets for our children. Literally every child up to the age of 18 can go to Energylandia for 1 PLN once a year. Condition? You should go on the day when Energylandia celebrates our birthday. Not bad if these are the opening days of the park. And if our child has a birthday, for example, on February 20, when Energylandia is closed?

Energylandia mascots
Energylandia mascots and artists

In such a situation, we must use the birthday calendar, which can be found at Then we find our birthday month and click on a specific birthday. On the right side of the calendar, the information on which day Energylandia celebrates our birthday will be displayed.

For example, our child has a birthday on February 20. On the calendar page, click on February 20. On the right side there is information that on May 20 we can buy a ticket for PLN 1 for our child.

The situation is different on the opening days of the park. When Energylandia is open and our child has a birthday on this day, it is on this day that you can buy a ticket for PLN 1.

As in the case of tickets up to 3 years of age, in this case we also need to have a document confirming identity and date of birth. ID cards and birth certificates are accepted. For children from 7 years of age, we can use a school ID.

Birthday ticket to Energylandia
Birthday ticket to Energylandia

The document to be presented will first be required at the ticket office, and then at the entrance gates. Our child will also receive written wishes from Energylandia , and they will be submitted orally, usually by an employee at the gates. It is a nice gesture for the youngest, who will surely feel special on such a day.

Birthday greetings from Energylandia
Birthday greetings from Energylandia

Concession ticket to Energylandia

Reduced tickets are available to people up to 140 cm tall and seniors over 65 years of age. So if our child is 100 cm, 120 cm or 139 cm tall, we buy him a discount ticket. If he reaches the height of 140 cm, unfortunately we have to buy a normal ticket.

When buying a ticket at the ticket office, please bear in mind that the cashier may ask the child to stand at the measuring cup located next to the ticket offices. If we buy a ticket over the Internet, an employee at the entrance gates may ask for a verification of the growth. If it turns out that the child is over 140 cm tall or more, we will be asked to go to the cash desk to pay extra for the normal ticket.

On the other hand, older people using the reduced ticket must be 65 years of age. An identity document may be required, but only if the park employee is not sure that the person is actually 65 years old. It so happens that my mother turned 65 this year, but when entering the park, no one verified her age. I assume that a year ago, also without verification, she would have entered the park on a reduced ticket.

Two-day tickets to Energylandia

All the rules for two-day discount tickets are the same as above. However, there is one important rule that many people do not know or forget. If you decide to buy a two-day ticket (reduced or normal), it is valid day after day!

So if you enter the park, for example, on July 13, you can enter the park for the second time only on July 14. If you enter for the first time on September 20, then for the second time on September 21.

Ticket for the newlyweds to Energylandia

No matter when your wedding was, it is important that you come to the park in your wedding attire. You can enter Energylandia with two photographers for the price of PLN 1 per person. And that’s it. Simple rules.

Of course, you will not use Hyperion or Zadra in wedding clothes, so there is nothing to think about having fun, but the second photographer can always jump on the attraction when the first one is taking pictures. Here, however, I strongly encourage you to go to such sessions in the period before the holidays, or in the fall. Then there are not many visitors in Energylandia and you can actually take nice photos.

Year-round tickets to Energylandia

The price would seem prohibitive. In fact, it is the best option for people who plan to come to Energylandia at least 4 times in one year. The purchase of four one-day tickets exceeds the price of a year-round ticket.

As a holder of a year-round ticket, we can be in Energylandia on each day of the park opening, i.e. dozens of times. We are under no pressure to have as many attractions as possible at once. Thanks to this, we will not be a waste of the money spent when it starts to rain.

It is best to buy a year-round ticket at the park ticket office, because the employee will take a photo of us, which will later be printed on the ticket. When buying a ticket via the Internet, we must later go to the ticket office to redeem the ticket.

Year-round tickets to Energylandia
Year-round tickets to Energylandia

After the purchase, the employee will ask you to go past the entrance to the Energylandia office (on the left, in front of the courtyard with cash registers). A photo will be taken at this point. In turn, at the ticket office, we will receive a one-day ticket for the current day of fun. When we leave the park or just the next day, when we come to Energylandia, we have to go to the office. After providing our data, we will receive a year-round ticket.

From now on, each time at the entrance gates, we must show the employee our ticket to verify that the ticket really belongs to us. Then, just touch the ticket to the proximity reader to enter the park. That‘s it. A simple and cost effective solution.

Parking ticket and camping site

You can read about the prices of parking tickets for cars, campers and a place at the campsite in the entry: How much does parking in Energylandia cost?

main parking lot in energylandia from a drone
Main parking lot in Energylandia

Discounts and promotions on tickets to Energylandia

I strongly encourage you to follow the Energylandia profile on Facebook, because from time to time there are nice promotions for tickets. Usually these are promotions in the range of PLN 10 – 20. There are also such gems as a 50% discount on a ticket to the park on June 24, 2022.

On the other hand, every time you leave the park, employees at the entrance gates will give you discount coupons: PLN 10 discount on a concessionary ticket and PLN 20 discount on a regular ticket. Just pay attention to the date on the coupon – in which months the discount is valid. Usually, at the beginning of the year, coupons are issued that are valid until the holidays, and from May-June, coupons for autumn tickets are issued.

Those of you who have a nationwide large family card can take advantage of a 5% discount on tickets to Energylandia. Of course, they must be purchased at the cash desk and presented with a large family card.