How does a year-round ticket to Energylandia work?

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Bilety całoroczne do Energylandii

A year-round ticket to Energylandia is an ideal solution for all those who plan to visit the park in Zator at least 4 times a year. The offer currently includes two year-round tickets at the following price:

  • Discounted year-round ticket (up to 140 cm tall) – PLN 499.
  • Normal year-round ticket (from 140 cm tall) – PLN 699.

The price would seem to be prohibitive. But in fact, it is the best option for people who plan to come to Energylandia at least 4 times in one year. The purchase of four one-day tickets already exceeds the price of a year-round ticket.

Year-round tickets to Energylandia
Year-round tickets to Energylandia

As a holder of a year-round ticket, we can be in Energylandia on each day of the park opening, i.e. dozens of times. We are under no pressure to have as many attractions as possible at once. Thanks to this, we will not be a waste of the money spent when it starts to rain.

In other words: if we buy a ticket on August 10, 2022, we will be able to visit Energylandia every day (on its opening days), until August 10, 2023! If we buy a ticket on September 20, the ticket is valid for 365 days until September 20 of the following year. It is different in Legendia, where, yes, all-year tickets are much cheaper, but we have a limit of 1 entry per day, and the ticket is valid only until the end of the current season. So if we buy a ticket in Legendia on August 10, we only play on this ticket until the end of the current season, i.e. until September of the same year.

How to buy a year-round ticket to Energylandia?

It is best to buy a year-round ticket at the park ticket office, because the employee will take a photo of us, which will later be printed on the ticket. When buying a ticket via the Internet, we must later go to the ticket office to redeem the ticket.

After the purchase, the employee will ask you to go past the entrance to the Energylandia office (on the left, in front of the courtyard with cash registers). A photo will be taken at this point. In turn, at the ticket office, we will receive a one-day ticket for the current day of fun. When we leave the park or just the next day, when we come to Energyland, we have to go to the office. After providing our data, we will receive a year-round ticket.

Remember that the year-round ticket cannot be resold, and it cannot be used by anyone other than the one shown in the photo!

Main courtyard with cash registers for Energylandia
Main courtyard with cash registers for Energylandia

From now on, each time at the entrance gates, we must show the employee our ticket to verify that the ticket really belongs to us. Then, just touch the ticket to the proximity reader to enter the park. And that’s it. A simple and cost effective solution.

Entrance gates to Energylandia
Entrance gates to Energylandia