How big is Energylandia?

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energylandia hyperion z drona

According to the official Energylandia website, the park covers an area of ​​70 hectares. For comparison, the area of ​​a football stadium is only 0.71 hectares (71 ares). In meters, if you measure Energylandia longitudinally and broadly, it can be assumed that it occupies a rectangle measuring approximately 1,280 meters by 520 meters. It’s quite a sizeable size. These values ​​show how big Energylandia is.

energylandia hyperion from a drone

How does Energylandia compare to other amusement parks?

For comparison, below I present the area of ​​other amusement parks. Legendia in Chorzów, Disnayland in Paris or Europa Park in Germany.

Energylandia70 hectaresPoland
Legendia Silesian Amusement Park26 hectaresPoland
Disneyland Paris22 hectaresFrance
Gardaland33 hectaresItaly
Parc Asterix33 hectaresFrance
PortAventura World52 hectaresSpain
Europa Park85 hectaresGermany

On the basis of satellite photos, I decided to measure the area of ​​Energylandia and Legendia on my own. In the case of Legendia, a large part of it is occupied by a lake, which is practically not used as a park attraction.

When measuring the Legend, there are exactly 24 hectares, but counting the lake’s surface, there are still 17 hectares of area where we can play. In the case of Energylandia, the area of ​​all zones is 36 hectares (excluding parking lots and outbuildings that are not available to visitors). Of course, while in the case of Legendia there is no need to enlarge the area, Energylandia will soon expand with Sweet Valley. This will give us about 4 hectares of additional space. It is also said that a new tilt coaster is planned for 2023, which will probably enlarge Energylandia again.

Entrance to the Sweet Valley zone

Energylandia’s plans for the coming years

Energylandia’s marketing materials show that the owners of the largest Polish amusement park are not resting on their laurels and will strongly develop the park in the coming years. In 2014, when Energylandia was opened, it occupied an area of ​​26 hectares, which is exactly the same as Legendia today. In 2021, Energylandia already had 43 hectares, and in 2022 there will be about 5 more hectares. For 2025, Energylandia plans to occupy an area of ​​200 hectares, which means that it will be enlarged threefold in the next 3 years! This is momentum, there is no need to hide it! Check also how big Energylandia is on the maps and satellite photo.