Has anyone died in Energylandia? Accidents in the Energylandia park

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Wypadki w Energylandii

I will not hide, but yes, there were two serious accidents in Energylandia involving the Hyperion and RMF Dragon roller coaster, one of which was fatal. Of course, apart from these two serious events, other dangerous situations took place (not directly related to the attractions), and moreover, various opinions, rumors and unconfirmed descriptions of dangerous situations often appear on the web. I will try to write about everything in detail, but we will start with whether anyone died in Energylandia and what accidents took place in the Energylandia park.

Has anyone died in Energylandia? Yes, there was one fatal accident

Many people ask: how many people died in Energylandia? I answer right away that only (or as many as) one. And it was not a park visitor, but a service technician. The event took place on August 16, 2018 around 8:30 PM, just before the park closed. One of the service technicians responsible for the Hyperion rollercoaster entered the closed area under the cable car track. Unfortunately, the queue hit the 37-year-old employee with great force. Despite the quick response of paramedics and resuscitation, the employee was not saved.

Rollercoaster Hyperion from a bird's eye view
Rollercoaster Hyperion from a bird’s eye view

From the information I found, the employee went to the closed area in order to find the cell phone of one of the guests who had previously traveled on Hyperion . However, I cannot understand, how miraculously the service technician did not hear the roller coaster passing by? And even if he heard why he was there, or at least did not keep the proper distance.

Following an investigation by the prosecutor’s office and an inspection by the National Labor Inspectorate, the investigation was discontinued. No confirmation was found that third parties who did not follow the safety rules were responsible for the death of the 37-year-old. It was established that the death of the employee is the result of his willful entry and breaking all applicable regulations in Energylandia.


I will add from myself, as I also write in other entries, that it is completely forbidden to enter large attractions with any items in your pockets. It’s not just that the phone will fall out. A falling object may hit people in the next row at high speed and cause serious injuries. Use deposit lockers , it costs little and is easy and convenient to use.

Serious accident at Dragon in Energylandia

On May 27, 2015, another serious accident took place in Energylandia, fortunately with no fatalities. One of the gardeners entered the closed area under the RMF Dragon roller coaster. Around 8:30 am, while the park was closed, the 35-year-old Ukrainian citizen went to the closed area around the Dragon roller coaster. The latter, in turn, made his test run. As in the situation with Hyperion, the employee was hit by a rushing queue. The gardener was seriously injured and was transported by helicopter to one of Krakow’s hospitals. It turned out that the employee from Ukraine only suffered a fractured rib and arm, and his condition is stable. Information that Energylandia later passed on said that a worker jumped over a fence and entered the construction site of the Dragon roller coaster.

RMF Dragon
RMF Dragon

Here, too, I cannot understand why the employee was not careful and did not hear the queue passing. Both of these situations show that despite the fencing of the area, complex security procedures, control and training of employees, there are situations that could have been avoided if common sense had been involved in these people.

Other potentially dangerous situations in Energylandia

You can find quite a lot of different accounts of guests describing potentially dangerous incidents on the Internet. One of the last, also reported by larger media, was the fainting of the 18-year-old girl. The situation took place in the summer of 2021. In the afternoon hours of strong heat, the 18-year-old waiting to use one of the rollercoasters could not stand it. Standing in a long line in the strong heat, she slumped to the ground and lost consciousness. The girl was immediately given first aid and an LPR helicopter was called and transported her to the hospital in Chrzanów.

Queue to Hyperion
Queue to Hyperion

Many other descriptions of the situation can also be found on social networks, or even among opinions on Google maps. If you do come across them, don’t pay too much attention to them. Many descriptions do not present a real threat, circumstance, or ending. Which makes it difficult to assess the seriousness of the situation.

It has completely released the security on Zadra

However, I have paid more attention to one of the last negative comments. I quote:

[…] my daughter in Zadra had been completely released, had it not been for my sister’s reaction, who screamed and stopped the start of the child’s queue, it would have been gone … and it would be safe, the button is true, something has been wrong with either the electronics or the staff responsible for the correct locking of the security features.Source: Google Reviews

I honestly admit that I am surprised that such a situation could even take place. Assuming that Zadra makes about 120-150 journeys every day and 24 people travel each time, it gives us about 3,000 people every day. Simplifying the calculations , some 1 million visitors have traveled on it since the premiere of Zadra . I am sure that most people do not check whether the security is properly held. What’s more, the security measures in Zadra are unique, because they do not let go . Only by using our relatively large force, we are able to open them after the end of the ride.

The Zadra roller coaster carriages
The Zadra roller coaster carriages

If so, one girl out of a million visitors decided to push the security hard right after leaving the station and it just opened, then it is undoubtedly an amazing , unique and probably less likely situation than winning the lottery.

I do not want to assess this situation, because the media and Energylandia itself are silent on this issue, and the interested party did not describe in more detail what happened later, whether she let go of the main security, or maybe just the belt.

What is the role of the attraction belt?

Objectively looking, I estimate that only the seat belt is unfastened. It seems all the more possible to me that the belt buckle is tightened by the securing device. And if the belt was not fully fastened, it could come off on the buckle. Reviews about detachable seat belts can be found on the web. One of them tells about the unfastening belt on Hyperion. The author of the opinion declared that she would not leave this situation like that and would report it to the appropriate places. However, the media is silent on this issue.

Security on Hyperion
Security on the Hyperion, below the seat you can see a dangling belt

I don’t want to give my opinion on these incidents. I will only add from myself in the context of the belts themselves that they are only a psychological protection , which is even confirmed by one of the mechanics of Energylandia. They have practically no role. If the primary lock is released, it will raise and lock at a higher point on the belt. This won’t help us much if we are going to experience negative overload. Therefore, the main security must be failure-free.

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