Everything you need to know before going to Energylandia

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Wejście do Energylandii nocą

Energylandia is undoubtedly the largest amusement park in Poland with the largest outdoor water park. On 70 hectares, we can find as many as 123 attractions, we have at our disposal over 60 gastronomic points, numerous shows and performances, 7,000 sun loungers in the Water Park and huge parking lots. A trip to the park in Zator is therefore a considerable logistic and financial undertaking. It’s worth getting ready in advance. Check everything you need to know before going to Energylandia.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know, including the best time to go to the park, how much money you need, how to dress and what to bring, what limits apply to attractions and much more.

Entrance to Energylandia at night

1. When to go to Energylandia?

Question: When to go to Energylandia? Probably every person planning a party in Zator asks himself. I have to worry you right away that it is impossible to clearly indicate the day with the fewest people. It is definitely worth betting on spring, beginning of summer, autumn and even winter. Unfortunately, there are long lines to attractions on many days during the summer holidays. You can put it on a day with showers, lower temperature, or on a Sunday.

You can learn more about when to visit the park in Zator, on what days and months, and whether it is worth going to the amusement park in winter and during Magic Night, you will learn from the following entries:

2. How much money do you need to take with you to Energylandia?

The prices in the amusement park in Zator are not the lowest. Recently, ticket prices have soared, and we do not only need tickets. We also have to get to something, eat something, and if we are coming for a few days, we will need an overnight stay. One person needs about PLN 300 for one day. In this we have the price of a normal ticket, food, parking, a band on the lockers and a photo of the attractions. With a family of four, you have to take into account the amount of PLN 1000 without travel and accommodation.

ticket offices in energylandia

You can learn more about buying tickets, parking, camping, photos from attractions, and how to save money in the amusement park, from the following entries:

3. How to dress and what to bring to Energylandia?

For comfortable fun at the attractions, it is worth choosing a comfortable outfit. Heavy makeup and fancy hairstyles are not recommended. It is worth putting on sports clothes and comfortable shoes, because in the park it often takes more than 10 km, and also long queues. In turn, when it comes to the necessary things that we should take, I strongly encourage you to take a backpack, drink or even your own food. In summer, you can’t forget about a hat and cream with a UV filter, and in winter, ski goggles. If you are going to use the water park, be sure to take a towel, flip-flops and a bathing suit.

We have to put all our equipment in deposit lockers before using many attractions. You should also leave your clothes in the car for a change. You can read about both the clothes and the necessary things to take in the following entries:

4. What are the age, height and weight limits for attractions in Energylandia?

For safety reasons, each attraction has its own individual age limits. In most cases, the limits are based on growth, and it can be assumed that we have three general standards at Energylandia Amusement Park :

  • attractions available for children from 100 cm tall,
  • attractions available for children over 120 cm tall,
  • attractions available from 140 cm tall.
Zadra attractions regulations

However, there are exceptions to the above rules. Moreover, some attractions also have a maximum height limit of 190 or 195 cm. Before leaving, make sure to check the age and height limits, weight limits and whether a pregnant woman can use the attractions:

5. What attractions to go and in which car to sit?

Energylandia is undoubtedly the leader among amusement parks in Poland, as well as one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. There are already 123 attractions on its premises, and soon they will be joined by 9 attractions in the new themed Sweet Valley zone. It is worth planning in advance the attractions that we want to include, and set their order. You may need a map to avoid wasting time looking for your favorite attractions.

In the following entries you can check the exact map of the park, the best attractions, what attractions to go to the beginning and which car to choose :

6. What else is worth knowing about Energylandia?

I strongly encourage all of you who are cautious and stressed about playing on the strongest attractions to explore the topic of safety on roller coaster and carousels. In separate entries, I talk about security and talk about accidents that took place in the past.

Check also information on photos on attractions and availability of attractions during bad weather conditions: