Energylandia’s development plans for the coming years

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Energylandia in Zator is one of the fastest growing amusement parks in the world and, of course, in Poland. We really should be proud that in Poland we have such a modern, extensive and world-class amusement park. Many fans of rollercoasters and theme parks from around the world envy us that new products appear in Energylandia year after year. It must be emphasized that not just any. So what are Energylandia’s development plans?

energylandia hyperion from a drone

Many amusement parks in the world have not changed, and their glory days are behind them. All you need to do is listen to industry tomorrow’s people or even read reviews of other large amusement parks on Google. A good example is Disneyland in Paris. Who among us in childhood did not dream of a trip to the land of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? Another example is our oldest amusement park in Chorzów – Legendia. Nothing special has happened there for decades. In the last dozen or so years, one can only distinguish the construction of Lech Coaster, the Basilisk Jama and two water attractions. Many attractions are remembered by the deep PRL.

Today, if you look at it objectively, Energylandia is already several levels higher than Disneyland near Paris. Of course, the famous park in France definitely has a reputation and atmosphere, but this is only due to the license for Disney fairy tales and characters (by the way, the mascots of Energylandia are also great). The number of new, better attractions, as well as more space and modernity, belongs to our Polish Energylandia. Evidence of this can be, for example, the opinions of people who were both here and here.

How has Energylandia developed in previous years?

On July 14, 2014, the amusement park in Zator was opened. Just a year later, the first two inverted roller coasters in Poland debuted : RMF Dragon and Mayan. In 2016, the first Polish launch roller coaster, called Formula, makes its debut , and the Water Park opens. 2017 is the premiere of the first shuttle coaster in Poland, called Boomerang, and two smaller lines, Happy Loops and Circus Coaster. By the way, the same year the park announced plans to build three more large railways.

Rollercoaster Mayan
Rollercoaster Mayan

In 2018, Hyperion (remaining at the forefront of the world), the world’s tallest water rollercoaster Speed, has its premiere, and the water zone is also expanding. A year later, the first major world-class thematic zone makes its debut. We are talking about the Smoczy Gród zone, with the roller coaster Draken, Frida and one of the highest hybrid Zadra roller coasters. To this day, Zadra remains in the TOP3 of the best railways in the world!

The Zadra hybrid rollercoaster
The Zadra hybrid rollercoaster

In 2020, due to COVID, the premieres of new products were postponed to the next year. And so, in 2021, the sixth thematic zone will debut with the Abyssus double launch coaster and many other attractions. To this day, Abyssus is one of the best roller coasters in the world. In the same year, the construction of the seventh Sweet Valley zone begins and the water park is expanded.

Double launch coaster Abyssus
Double launch coaster Abyssus

In 2022, we have the premiere of the largest mill wheel in Poland, the Wonder Wheel , and the next water zone, Bamboo Bay.

The largest mill wheel in Poland, the Wonder Wheel
The largest mill wheel in Poland, the Wonder Wheel

What’s new in Energylandia in 2023?

The first, practically certain, novelty of Energylandia in 2023 will be the Sweet Valley zone. Even in 2023, you can expect the Sweet Valley Town Hall Theater, a large-scale multifunctional restaurant and viewing building . It will allow you to organize dinners during artistic shows, so popular in other European amusement parks. The building is to accommodate 1,000 people at a time. Thus, it will be the largest facility of this type in Energylandia.

On the left you can see the foundations of the Sweet Valley Town Hall Theater

Due to the closure of Aqualantis at Winter Kingdom in 2022, thematic works will be underway there, which could not be implemented for the premiere of this zone. Many attractions have an incomplete theme, including Abyssus and Tidal Wave Twister. We already know today that work on the latter is to continue. We hope that with the start of the 2023 season, we will see Aqualantis in a new version.

In the following years, the development of the Energylandia park is to take place in five stages, two of which assume the creation of another two thematic zones . In addition, it is planned to build an indoor water park and a four-star hotel . When an indoor water park is established, it can be assumed that Energylandia will be partially open all year round !

The first tilt coaster in Poland

It is certain that the first tilt coaster in Poland will be built in Energylandia. As we can read on the government website, the project assumes:

The subject of the contract is the selection of an entity that will deliver a brand new Roller Coaster – Rollercoaster Gravitacyjny (Tilt Rollercoaster) to the Energylandia Amusement Park […] Source:

We already know that the rollercoaster will be produced and built in Energylandia by the Vekoma company, i.e. the producer of Abyssus, Formula or Mayan, among others. The cost of the investment is over PLN 51 million, and the railway itself is to be built beyond Zadra.

Source: FOMO Coaster

The queue parameters are already known. The Energylandia tilt coaster will be 45 meters high (for comparison, Abyssus is 38 meters), the speed will be 85 km / h (Abyssus 100 km / h) and there will be two trains with 24 passengers per one. The security features that will be used in the tilt coaster are the lap bar (thigh-only protection). The attraction will also have numerous effects and inversions, including a weightless effect.

Energylandia itself is still silent about the tilt coaster. So we don’t know its final name or release date. However, it is predicted that it may already be 2023 or possibly 2024. It is also not known whether the attraction will be attached to the Dragon Town or will be the flagship attraction of the new unannounced zone.

Gravity Max by Vekoma
Tilt coaster Gravity Max by Vekoma

A special feature of the tilt coaster is the drop. First, we are pulled to the top using a classic chain lift, then we reach the end of the blind track, and after a while the track with the cable car rises completely vertical . At a 90 degree angle, the track with the cable car joins the track on a slope. We hang completely vertically for a few moments, and after a while the brakes are released and we are on the track.

How big will Energylandia be?

Energylandia’s marketing materials show that the owners of the largest Polish amusement park are not resting on their laurels and will strongly develop the park in the coming years. In 2014, when Energylandia was opened, it occupied an area of ​​26 hectares, which is exactly the same as Legendia today. In 2021, Energylandia already had 43 hectares, and in 2022 as much as 70 hectares. For 2025, Energylandia plans to occupy an area of ​​200 hectares, which means that it will be enlarged threefold in the next 3 years! This is momentum, there is no need to hide it! Check also how big Energylandia is on the maps and satellite photo.