I’m glad you got here. Are you interested in cooperation? In short, I will present you some reliable facts about the Kierunek Zator blog, which I confirm below with reliable and independent data. Without unnecessary pouring of water and without bragging about worthless awards. Only what’s really important!

About the blog Kierunek Zator

The Kierunek Zator blog is a young blog that was launched in June 2022. There is no dedicated blog on the Polish Internet devoted solely to the subject of the largest Polish amusement park in Zator. Extensive guides, interesting facts and entries reach all those who are looking for specific information about Energylandia.

The blog gets better and better results from week to week. Monthly, it has 6,000 new users and about 10,000 views.

Are you interested in cooperation?

Write to me at: . I will let you know how we can cooperate and I will send you the current advertisement price list, cooperation offer and sponsored texts that will help you make a decision.

How can we cooperate?

Cooperation with travel agencies, tour operators, carriers and taxi corporations

The best form of cooperation is long-term cooperation – one that lasts for years because it brings the most mutual benefits. If you offer organized trips to Energylandia, guide services, transport or other services supporting getting to the amusement park, I will be happy to create a sponsored article for you, I will post a detailed price list and timetable, or I will place advertising banners.

Cooperation with accommodation in the vicinity of Energylandia

The undoubted advantage of the Energylandia blog is the space to promote accommodation. Many guests look for accommodation on social networks and in the Google search engine. My blog is open to advertising your accommodation. We will get the best results when I can test your offer myself, make a photo report and accurately describe the object. This form of cooperation will achieve the best results for your accommodation offer.

Tests of equipment such as backpacks, kidneys, clothing, shoes – that is everything that will be useful in Energyland

During my frequent trips to Energyland, I will be happy to test the rental car, backpack, kidney, camera, comfortable shoes or clothing – everything that can be useful for guests while having fun in Energyland. I will present the results of the test in the form of an extensive blog article, without crude advertising that would immediately discourage the reader from reading the whole thing.