Can you go out and come back to Energylandia the same day?

Published by Mateusz Miciński on

Główny dziedziniec Energylandii

If during your stay in Energylandia you have to leave the park, for example by going to the car to get things you have forgotten, you can do so. When you approach the exit gates, be sure to inform the employee about it. He will give you a wristband that will allow you to re-enter the Energylandia area on the same day. Also keep the ticket, you will have to show it again on your return.

The option to leave and return to Energylandia on the same day is a great solution when we first use the water park, and then the attractions. Or vice versa. We can leave clothes for a change in the car . Bring towels, flip-flops and swimwear after playing in the Water Park so as not to walk around the attractions with them.

Many guests choose to dine outside of Energylandia. Nearby there is a MOYA gas station, McDonald’s and the Netto discount store. On the other side of the street, in front of Hyperion, you can enjoy a hot meal in the Pod Lipami restaurant.

Entrance gates to Energylandia