Can obese people use the attractions in Energylandia?

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Zabezpieczenia na Hyperionie

Can obese, overweight people with a non-standard body build use the attractions in Energylandia? This question may be asked by all of you who are simply heavy than the average person. Being overweight will probably not be a bigger problem. But even a large height combined with overweight can make it difficult to get on with smaller attractions (such as Mars, Draken).

Viking Attraction Regulations
Viking rollercoaster regulations

People who are obese may also have more problems at the big attractions in Energylandia. It is assumed that if we have a circumference of about 115 cm in our hips, then our protection should be fastened without much difficulty. Above this circuit, problems may already arise on Hyperion and Zadra. Still, there should be no problem on Formula, Mayana or Abyssus.

To sum up: can obese people use the attractions? There is no weight limit whatsoever. Body build, especially wide hips, may prove to be difficult. Therefore, let’s assume that if we have a circumference of up to 115 cm in our hips, we will be able to take advantage of every attraction.

Loading station on the Zadra roller coaster
Loading station on the Zadra roller coaster

What if obese people do not fit into the security measures in Energylandia?

Unfortunately, I witnessed you and you hooking up in Zadra, where they both seemed to have too much in the circuit. While in your case we managed to get it fastened, in your case the problem was bigger. Two employees with all their strength “laid down” on the security devices to cram them, and the operator looked at the console to see if the security was clicked.

The face of the lady, the laughter of the waiting people and the glances of the rest of the staff made it clear: this is not an attraction for this lady. I don’t want to know what thoughts this lady was struggling with at the moment. It was certainly an embarrassing and unpleasant situation for her. The attempt to confine you to Zadra was unsuccessful and you were asked to leave the Zadra station.

Security on Hyperion
Security on Hyperion

I admit that I have about 117 cm hip circumference myself and I have no problem with using all the attractions. I even get the impression that there is still a lot of reserve on Zadra and Hyperion. Anyway, I saw people much bigger than me and they were also fastened without any problems.

What are the age and height limits at Energylandia?

In addition to the weight itself, be sure to check that you or your children are eligible for the attractions. In the two entries below, you can check both the age and height limits for individual attractions:

All regulations, age and height limits can be checked in detail on individual pages of attractions on the park’s website: You can also enter the age and height of your child on this page, and the page will display the attractions appropriate for him.