Are the growth limits respected in Energylandia?

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limity wzrostu energylandia

While often visiting Energylandia, I have witnessed many times when the parents of the children argued with the service staff and attraction operators. The reason for these quarrels was, of course, the child’s height and the lack of a few centimeters for the child to take the dream roller coaster with his parents. How did these exchanges between employees and parents end? And also whether the growth limits are respected in Energylandia, I present to you later in this post.

growth limits respected
Zadra Regulations

When my son was 120 cm tall, he was measuring practically on every attraction available for children from 120 cm. This was most often followed by the Anaconda, Jungle Adventure and Formula One service. Less often it was measured on RMF Dragon, or even the extreme Abyssus. Today, when my son is already 127 cm tall, it still happens that the Anaconda and Formula staff ask for their son to approach the measuring cup to verify his height. However, I have never taken my son to an attraction that he would not be able to take advantage of by law.

Soon he will be able to complete the Flying Swings and Tsunami Drop for the first time. Although he is 2-3 cm short of the height required by the regulations, I know that safety is the priority. The ambitions of a parent who wants to take their child to another attraction, I prefer to set aside.

Can the attractions be entered when 1 cm of height is missing?

I have witnessed many times when the staff asked parents with children to leave the attractions, which were just 1 cm short of the required height. Recently, I saw such a situation on Abyssus. The father and son, 119 cm tall, went to the attraction. After the measurement, the attendant informed the main operator that the child was 1 cm to 120 cm tall. The operator firmly informed the adult that the son could not use the roller coaster.

growth limits respected
Regulations and scoop when entering the Viking rollercoaster

Everything would be fine if the father would just take his son’s hand, explain why they can’t take a ride, and leave. However, it happened otherwise. The pretentious father began a sharp exchange with the operator. He explained that ” he takes the child on his own responsibility, that the regulations are too high, that 1 cm makes no difference “, and other reckless texts. The operator summed up the whole situation with one wise and firm sentence : “ If something happened to a child, I would go to jail, not you! “.

It is also worth paying attention to the example below. Below I am throwing a photo of Formula with my son, who is about 124 cm tall in the photo. The safety vest is practically at the level of the neck. If the child was about 115-119 cm tall, where would the safety vest go? Probably to the chin. Under overload and braking, the jaw, and even the entire head, would be exposed to injury. And maybe, in fact, a too short child would not fall out , but it could suffer other injuries. I would like to add that the same protections are on Abyssus.

growth limits respected
Pictures of the roller coaster Formula

Is Energylandia safe?

The operator’s position described above, the assertiveness of Energylandia’s employees and strict adherence to the regulations imposed by the producers of attractions deserve praise. It also proves that we can feel safe in Energylandia and trust employees at the strongest attractions. Always in the back of my head I have the thought that park employees put the safety of visitors first. This makes Energylandia one of the world leaders in terms of safety. Thus, the park cannot afford any slip-up that could damage the park’s image. You can read more about safety in Energylandia in the entry: Are attractions in Energylandia safe?

Wonder Wheel Terms
Wonder Wheel Terms

Why are the height limits on some weak attractions too high?

There are several attractions in Energylandia where it would seem that the growth limits are very high. Especially this group includes Tidal Wave Twister, Flying Swings, Fuego, Draken or Jungle Adventure. Children from 140 cm tall can enter the Tidal Wave Twister. Flying Swings, which seemingly do not generate any overload and do not spin too quickly, are available only from 130 cm tall.

In turn, Fuego and Draken can visit children over 130 cm tall on their own. Children over 120 cm tall with a guardian can enter the Jungle Adventure pontoon, where the only danger is splashing water.


These numbers and these limits on the above attractions also seem a bit overstated in my eyes. However, I believe that there are some factors that are simply unknown to me that have influenced these and not other limits.

Excessive limits in Bajkolandia zone?

I also met many negative opinions of people that in Bajkolandia zone most of the attractions allow unaccompanied children only from 120 cm tall. Worse for these people, these height limits are adhered to. In fact, with children up to the age of 6, we have to do everything together, even the weakest attractions intended for babies.

Dwarf farm
Dwarf farm

Unfortunately, we cannot entrust the care of our children to the employees of attractions in Fairy Tale. Even on the weakest ones, such as Jeep Safari or Dwarf Farm, we are responsible for taking care of the child. Suppose we send a 3-year-old child for a ride around the Dwarf Farm? The track knows away from the station and the fence, neither we nor the operators of the track can see it. What if in a distant section of the track such an unforgettable 3-year-old had to jump out of the vehicle? What could happen? It could fall under the wheels of another vehicle.

We as parents who would we blame? To themselves or to the service? We have to answer this question ourselves. However, I know for sure that children over 120 cm tall are reasonable and reasonable enough. They can take advantage of such attractions on their own without the risk of creating a threat.