10 things I miss in Energylandia

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Energylandia is undoubtedly the best amusement park in Poland. The largest, with the most attractions, top rollercoasters, and also the largest outdoor water park. Not only that, the quality of attractions, the park, cleanliness and even the gastronomic offer are at a high European level. Unfortunately, however, there are areas where something can be improved or something is missing. In this post, I will present you 10 things that I personally miss in Energylandia.

1. More greenery, trees and sandy beaches

The ubiquitous concreteosis is a problem today. Cutting down and removing greenery can be seen to a large extent in city centers. In exchange for green squares, tons of concrete are placed. There are also a lot of places in Energylandia that, in my opinion, could have been designed a bit differently. Increase the plant mass at the expense of concrete.

Entrance to Aqualantis is missing in energylandia
Entrance to Aqualantis

This problem is best seen in the Formula Rollercoaster area, in the entire Aqualantis zone, as well as in Sweet Valley. Wide, long paved paths and lots of concrete buildings. On hot days, all this heats up so much that there is simply nowhere to hide in the shade.

Formula and Formula Restaurant are missing in energylandia
Formula and Formula restaurant

It’s not that bad everywhere. There are several places in Energylandia where green has been successfully incorporated. It is very climatic in the Swiss Village, and also good enough in the Viking Village and Fairytale Land. The Smoczy Gród also looks great. We can find there both a large number of low vegetation, trees and large tracts of grass. However, as we head towards Aqualantis, the number of vegetation decreases until we come across a large concrete field. The same applies to the rollercoaster Speed, Jungle Adventure, Viking Ride and Extreme Show attractions. Lots of concrete sidewalks, walls and not very impressive buildings.

Dragon Castle as seen from the Wonder Wheel
Dragon Castle as seen from the Wonder Wheel

Increasing the vegetation would primarily improve the water cycle. It would provide shelter on hot days, and make the zones cozier, greener and more pleasant when relaxing.

More sandy beaches and lawns at the Water Park

As in some zones, also in Water Park, in my opinion, concrete was exaggerated. Virtually everywhere in the vicinity of swimming pools and water attractions, we have wide routes lined with pavers and concrete slabs. The greenery is like a medicine, and as it is, it is under the sunbeds. Therefore, its quality leaves much to be desired. There is a lack of sandy beaches, lawns and trees that would provide some shade and improve the overall image of the entire water zone. I realize that you can’t count on real palm trees. However, we have a lot of tree species that would be great in the water zone.

Big Milk Water Park is missing in energylandia
Big Milk Water Park

2. Playrooms / waiting rooms and playgrounds

It is hard to expect that Energylandia would have to build large playgrounds or indoor playrooms. After all, the entire amusement park is such a huge playground with big carousels and attractions. After all , the indoor playrooms would be perfect during rainfall , in winter to warm up a little, and the child would not be bored. In addition, an ideal solution would be the playrooms in the Dragon Castle and another one near Hyperion, so that the parent could easily go on an extreme ride, and a child under 140 cm tall could be looked after in a closed and covered playground .

Playground in Smoczy Gród
Playground in Smoczy Gród

The second issue concerns classic playgrounds. Not many of them in Energylandia. One can be found after entering the Dragon Town, another very small and modest between Atlanis and Splash Battle. We also have a water playground at Aqualantis before boarding the roller coaster. The Light Explorers Team. Usually, these neighborhood playgrounds are much larger , offer a variety of devices and attractions, and at the same time accommodate more children. In Energylandia, one or two such playgrounds would also provide a break from queuing to attractions, running for children, or a place where one parent could wait with their children while the other one enjoys extreme attractions.

Water playground in Aqualantis
Water playground in Aqualantis

3. Free drinking water taps

Undoubtedly, a bull’s eye would be the introduction of public and free taps with cold drinking water. Yes, we can take bottled water in a backpack, and we can supplement its shortages by purchasing water in numerous gastro outlets. First of all, on a hot day, the water you carry will heat up quickly. Secondly, carrying several bottles for several people puts a heavy burden on the backpack, and in addition, the prices of half a liter of water in stores are relatively high.

Vending machine with drinks in Energylandia
Vending machine with drinks in Energylandia

In my opinion, it is worth meeting the expectations of the guests. Install several drinking water points in each zone, which you can refill your bottles and not carry around the park.

4. Second transition to new zones

In Energylandia I miss the second tunnel leading to the Dragon Castle. In my opinion, the current tunnel is not enough on crowded days. There is quite a crowd in the vicinity of the Formula One restaurant, and the tunnel is simply crowded. If we add running children under our feet and passing workers, the comfort of this passage is at best average. Currently, the tunnel leads to two zones: Dragon Castle and Aqualantis. Soon it will also serve visitors to Sweet Valley. I believe there should be a second tunnel. Preferably near the entrance to the Mayan roller coaster, or behind the Formula roller coaster, leading straight to Sweet Valley and around the Honey Harbor roller coaster.

There is no tunnel to new zones in Energylandia
The tunnel to the Dragon Castle

5. Free parking for holders of year-round tickets

A very nice nod to the guests would be the introduction of free parking for people with a year-round ticket. Such a solution was introduced by Legendia, thanks to which we do not have to incur an additional cost each time we visit the park frequently.

Personally, I would even be willing to pay the tens of zlotys more for a year-round ticket, and in return receive the possibility of unlimited free parking.

The main car park is missing in energylandia
Main parking lot at Energylandia

6. More legible signposts to attractions

I am not saying that there are few signs and signposts in Energylandia. However, I find that they are too small and / or in the wrong places. In addition, many signposts come in different styles, fonts and colors, making them hard to spot. The recipe for not wandering around the park is to use a paper map. For people with no orientation in the field, a great solution is a free phone application that will lead us around the park.

Map of Energylandia

After all , I often meet people who have a problem with hitting RMF Dragon, Jungle Adventure and Anaconda. They go up the stairs to the safe deposit boxes, not up the Speed. They wander in search of the Abyssus ‘entrance, and then look for access to the Abyssus’ deposit lockers. There are even people who cannot go from Mayana to Dragon Town. And in Smoczy Gród itself, they do not know where the usual entrance to Zadra is, and where the Fast Pass entrance is.

The road between Mayan and Dragon Castle

I believe that Energylandia lacks large and unified signposts that will show the way from each main road to individual attractions. You can even think of screens with an interactive map, displays showing the direction and time to reach individual carousels and rollercoasters, and even signposts painted on the sidewalks.

Signposts in Smoczy Gród
Signposts in Smoczy Gród

7. Benches on the paths to attractions

After a few hours of visiting Energylandia, when on a hot day we land in a queue of several dozen minutes for the next attraction, the legs simply refuse to obey. In such places, many people decide to sit on a wall, curb or simply on the ground. In my opinion, where there is a place for this, long benches should be installed, so that you can sit down and rest for just a few minutes.

The rest zone in Energylandia
The rest zone in Energylandia

In my opinion, the benches could appear at the approach to Zadra, Formula, Speed ​​or Aztec Swing. By the way, I would like to add that in some places sun visors are missing, or they were installed only in front of the attraction itself. Combined with missing vegetation, heated concrete and a long queue, it is a recipe for rapid overheating and even heat stroke.

8. Deposit lockers at some attractions

What I love about Energylandia is the multitude, cheapness and ease of use of deposit cabinets. Lockers have been installed practically in front of every major attraction, as well as in public areas. However, there are a few places where I simply miss them in Energylandia. I mean Atlantis and Jungle Adventure attractions. With Atlantis, the problem is a bit bigger. If we enter the pontoon in 4 people, there is simply nowhere to put two backpacks. Yes, we can put them between the legs, but there is a high risk that they will be flooded with water. On Jungle Adventure, the backpacks can be placed in the round holder in the center of the pontoon. However, it would be more convenient to just put your personal belongings in a cupboard.

Deposit lockers in the Water Park
Deposit lockers in the Water Park

In Energylandia I also miss the cabinets at Tsunami Drop, Viking and Aztec Swing. Although we can leave personal belongings at the attraction itself in open shelves, the possibility of using lockers in front of the attraction would speed up the loading and unloading of attractions.

Deposit lockers in front of Zadra
Deposit lockers in front of Zadra

9. Cumulative list of attractions with waiting time

In the high season in Energylandia there can be long lines to attractions, sometimes you have to wait up to an hour. There are two ways to check the current waiting time in the queues so that you can plan what and when to pass. One of the methods is to check the times on the screens, several of which are set up in the park. The second method is the Energylandia application, in which we can check the waiting time for almost every attraction from anywhere. Unfortunately, in the application we have to manually search the attractions on the map and click each one separately to find out the waiting time.

Screens with wait times in Aqualantis
Screens with wait times in Aqualantis

In my opinion, a better solution would be to create one collective website or table in the application with the names of attractions (alphabetically or divided into zones), and the waiting time would be visible next to them. It would definitely speed up finding the information we need and increase the comfort of using the application.

Waiting time for the Light Explorers Team
Waiting time for the Light Explorers Team

10. More extreme attractions and rollercoasters

On the Internet, I have heard numerous opinions of people who say that in Energylandia they lack more extreme and top attractions. In my opinion, for a visit to the park 1-2 times a year, the number of strong attractions is absolutely sufficient. In turn, the park itself is developing really fast . However, for people like me, who visit Zator more often, in fact after a few rides with Hyperion, Zadra, Abyssus, Speed, Mayan, or Space Booster and Aztec Swing, there is a lack of strong impressions.


Energylandia advertises itself as a park for the whole family and also offers numerous attractions for children. However, with every new site that features a few new attractions, usually only one is extreme. In Smoczy Gród we have Zadra, in Aqualantis Abyssusa, in the Extreme Zone, Hyperion is number one, and in Sweet Valley we do not have any strong attractions.

Hyperion by night
Hyperion by night

I realize that building huge attractions year after year for tens of millions of zlotys is impossible, and we still have to wait for the next top roller coasters. However, there is a chance that in 2023 the first tilt coaster in Poland will be built in Energylandia.